Picture of DIY Your Sunglasses/3D Glasses
What you need
• sunglasses/ 3Dglasses
•white nail polish
•clear nail polish
•polish same color (as your glasses to cover up any parts you don't want to show.)

• if you don't want to use nail polish you can use sharpies or white sharpie paint.
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Step 1: Nail Polish

Picture of Nail Polish
You want to paint your glasses to cover up any places that you don't want to show through your design

Step 2: Striper

Picture of Striper
To make a tribal design you need to make a striped. And to make one just use your scissors and cut some of the hairs on the brush to make it thin like a striper. Now you have a striper! ;)

Step 3: Design

Picture of Design
Now use your white striper and make a tribal design how ever you like. Use this picture as an example.

Step 4: Clear Coat

Use your clear coat to make it shimmer! If you want you can add glitter to make it shine! Put your clear coat over all the white nail polish-(when white nail polish is dryed.)

Step 5: Let It Dry

Let your sunglasses dry for about a day before wearing them. It's like how you have to wait for you nails to dry, so be patient. Let them dry completely so you don't get nail polish on your hair.

Step 6: Done!!!!

And now your sunglasses will have a little you in it!

Learned this on YouTube credits to (ThreadBanger)
YouTube video: DIY Summerglasses-TheradBanger
But instead of using a white sharpie paint, I used nail polish and it still worked!

No one would notice you used nail polish unless they look really closely at you sunglasses. :)

Hope you enjoyed and likes this DIY! Please Favorite! Thanks and your welcome!
Fun! I'd have to add some rhinestones too!