This is an outstanding replica of a chest from the Zelda games. Not only does it look incredible, but it also plays the same exact sound effect the game plays whenever you open it! This chest is clearly a must-have for any Zelda or video game fan!

Step 1: Supplies

For this Instructable you will need:

Wooden Chest ( you can find this at Micheals )
Brown Paint
Yellow Spray Paint
Popsicle Sticks
A Glue Gun
Packing Tape
Painter's Tape
A Recordable Audio Greeting Card
A Paint Brush
A Piece of Paper - NOT SHOWN IN PHOTO
Can you replace the batteries on the audio? If so, how would I be able to do that?
I love this instructable so much!! Thank you for sharing it.
<p>Clever use of the greeting card. I like this.</p>
I love your Instructable. I'm definitely going to do it and fill it with rupees or a master key or something. How did you manage to get the tacks/nails off? I used the exact same chest for a project and couldn't pry them off. I also just had the idea to use one piece of balsa wood or similar for the fake back.
<p>Thanks bathsheba_everdene! We used some pliers and a flat-head screwdriver to take the tacks out. Also, I think balsa wood would work great for the fake wall in the back.</p>

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