Step 5: Hiding the Electronics

Picture of Hiding the Electronics
Next you will need to spray paint one side of the popsicle sticks you taped together yellow (not the stacks). Use your glue gun to attach the un-painted side of the fake wall to the front sides of the popsicle stick stacks that are already glued in the box. This will cover most of the electronics. You need one more popsicle stick to completely hide the electronics. It will have to be cut down the middle (the long way) making it small enough to cover the little opening above the electronics. Once you have cut it to the right size, you need to spray paint one side of it yellow. Before placing this piece, you need to a very small notch out of it. The cut needs to be right above where the activation switch on the circuit board is. It has to be big enough for a small piece of paper fit through and break the electric connection (like the tab once did). Once again, the pictures in this step illustrate what need to be done.