I used to love to watch old black and white scary movies when I was a kid. Old movies are so much fun to watch now because they are so goofy.  I called my son a couple of months ago and he was watching a very old movie, which surprised me, and a silent one at that. He is in the think tank every day and I think this is his way of relaxing his brain! It seems to work. Anyway  . . The old movies that I remember were zombies covered in mud, wearing old clothes and appear to be sleep walking after dark in a terrible thunderstorm. I have been experimenting using glow in the dark paint and crazy cologne fragrances to make scented nail polish. I like to add scent and lights to many of my craft projects because most of the time I give them to someone who needs a smile. I like to make things that trigger emotional responses from the receiver that reminds them of something they enjoyed from their childhood. It is a powerful tool, especially if a person is depressed. With that said, you will understand why . . . ( even though)  I am not particularly fond of making Zombie fingernails, I am excited to share this tutorial with you because the scent is so fitting for a zombie theme for Halloween and is surely going to trigger an emotional Halloween or party experience.
You can smell like a zombie the whole month of October celebrating Halloween at work! This instructable is entered into the Halloween contest, and if you think it is worthy of your vote I appreciate you voting when the vote button is available, thanks!

I will be sharing how to make your fingernails glow in the dark and smell like a Zombie, as well as   . . .  how you can use this method for greeting cards or tags! That is the part I am excited about! The glow in the dark is my cheaters version of guys who make such great crafts using real lights ( knowing how to wire them )! I have not mastered that yet but I will . . . someday. Let's get started!

Step 1: Supplies

Base coat/top coat nail polish
Black nail polish
Glow in the dark paint
Demeter Thunderstorm or Zombie perfume or cologne here:  http://www.demeterfragrance.com/
Nail polish remover
Cotton cosmetic pad
Tooth picks
Eye dropper
Horrible. I LOVE IT!!! :-)
It is horrible isn't it! Thanks for loving it! When my son was here he bought the Zombie movie and I said I probably won't be watching it. to my surprise I watched a lot of them. they did a great job on that movie series. Thanks for stopping by and as always have a great day!<br>sunshiine
Thanks Sunshiine! The same for you!!!
You is wicked!
Aw . . . . Thanks!

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