Introduction: DIY a Napkin Table (Enjoy a Unique Dining Experience)

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Hello everyone. In this tutorial, I would like to show you how to make a Napkin Table at home. Napkin Table is an experimental product reflecting on today’s social dining experience. Through the form of napkin, you and your partner should work together to keep the table steady. With this high-connection gadget, and yes I mean “ real high-connection”, you should be intensely careful due to a single sneeze could mess up the whole table. Anyway, Napkin Table would definitely bring your attention right back to the table and enjoy the time. It is pretty easy and you can have a unique dining experience right away!

Step 1: Things You Will Need !

Picture of Things You Will Need !

1. Hot glue gun

2. Scissors

3. Box cutter

4. Marker

5. Velcro tape (approx. 25cm)

6. EVA foam 2mm (approx. 150cm)

7. Napkin Table Outline

p.s. if the EVA foam is not long enough, you could combine two piece to make it 150cm or you could also use the material you prefer

Step 2: Print Out the Outlines & Cut !

Picture of Print Out the Outlines & Cut !

1. Download the pdf. and print it out. You might need to divide the outlines into several A4 sized paper, and combine them together to make it full size.

2. Follow the instruction of the outlines. Cut the solid line with the scissors or box cutter and leave the dashed line for folding in the Step 4.

3. You will have one napkin outline, one table outline and two pocket outlines. (you could replace the napkin table logo with any icons or names you like)

Step 3: Mark the Outline on the Material & Cut !

Picture of Mark the Outline on the Material & Cut !

1. Mark the napkin outline on the EVA foam.

2. Mark the table outline on the cardboard. (big circle for the plate holder and small circle for the cup holder, so you could adjust the size depending on the tableware you use)

3. Mark the two pocket outlines on the EVA foam and you could use another marker to highlight the logo.

4. Cut them up and you will get one EVA napkin, one cardboard table and two EVA pockets.

Step 4: Combine Them Together !

Picture of Combine Them Together !

Good jobs! It comes to the last step and it needs to be more careful. You could heat up the hot glue gun at first.

1. Flip over the napkin edge (dashed line area in the second step) and stick with the hot glue to make the edge stronger. It will take some time.

2. Flip over the pocket edge and stick with the hot glue as well.

3. Now, it's time to assemble them all! Stick the two pockets at the pocket area on the EVA.

4. Stick the EVA napkin and the cardboard table together.

5. Divide the velcro tapes into two parts and put them on the EVA neck chain.

6. Press the edge of plate holder to make the outline clear.

Step 5: Find a Friend & Enjoy !

Picture of Find a Friend & Enjoy !

Find a friend whatever you like or you don't like and have a good time with Napkin Table!

Napkin Table Tips:
1. Cheers if you have a great time with the other one.

2. Sneeze out loud if you are fed up with the one right in front of you.

3. Dance with Napkin Table.

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Maker Saga (author)2017-05-25

Haha! I like it.

Alex in NZ (author)2017-05-11

Really nice idea. Looks like it would be a lot of fun in the summer :-)

murphy0105 (author)2017-05-10

I hate watching people eat and would lose my shit if I was forced to in this manner.
Nice instructable btw.

Lancelotlink (author)2017-05-09

Im thinking about Ice Breakers and trust-building activities here.

mrsmerwin (author)2017-05-08

This would force you to pay attention to your dining partner and not to your cell phone. Could improve some relationships. Good idea.

Swansong (author)2017-05-08

Haha, that looks like a lot of fun! :)

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