As a software engineer, I spend more than 12 hours in the front of computer. And I know there're more that 80% of software engineer have some problem with their cervical, include me.

So I think a monitor stand to higher the monitor is needed. And I was planning to make one myself.

Here share my latest project, a programmable acrylic monitor stand.

This monitor stand featured with:

  • Arduino inside, you can add some sensors or actuators
  • Made with acrylic
  • Higher your monitor to protect your cervical
  • Count the time that you sit in the front of the monitor
  • Ultrasonic to detect if someone sit in the front of your monitor

Step 1: What Do We Need

Electronic modules


  • 8mm Acrylic
  • M2 screw and nut
  • Copper Cylinder


  • Screw driver
  • Laser Cutter

If you can't find a laser cutter, you can make a wooden version or, try the Laser Cutter Service supply by Seeed.

<p>Very impressive work. </p>
This is also good for the cervical spine~
Loved It!

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Bio: Howdy, we are application engineers in Seeedstudio. Sharing projects with maker community is awesome. Hope you like it XD
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