Inspired by OVERWATCH, we have made a very cool Wooden Laser Gun toy for fun these day!

The Wooden Laser Gun and the Gun Target are all based on an Arduino board called Seeeduino Lotus. The laser emitter on the Laser Gun is controlled to fire laser pulse to "activate" the Gun Target. And there are 3 light sensors on the Gun Target to detect the laser pulse. It seems very simple right? If you are interested in our project, please make one for yourself or your child! It's worth to spend one day DIY it as a Xmas present.

Step 1: What We Need

Hardware part:

Structural part:

  • Rubber band —— 2 pcs
  • Support column M3*25 —— 14 pcs
  • Support column M3*30 —— 3 pcs
  • Support column M3*50 —— 6 pcs
  • Support column M3*20 —— 4 pcs
  • M3 screws and nuts —— many
  • M2 screws and nuts —— many
  • screwdriver
  • 3mm thick wood planks
  • 5mm thick wood planks
<p>What would be the cost of all of this?</p>
<p>I did not specifically calculate the cost, but the hardware are not too expensive. the most expensive hardware is main control board not more than 20 dollars~</p>
<p>Awesome is the word !</p><p>Always wanted such a toy !</p>
Thank you~~~~
Absolutely awesome!!! <br>I would like to play with it even if I'm no more a child ahaha
Hahaha~ Thank you! <br>(In fact I have no children too, so this is mainly I play~~)

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Bio: Howdy, we are application engineers in Seeedstudio. Sharing projects with maker community is awesome. Hope you like it XD
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