DIY Air Freshener





Introduction: DIY Air Freshener

after using up my 5 dollar bottle of Febreeze in a week got me thinkig how i can my own air deodeorizer. Trust me, this does the drink

Step 1: What You Need

you will need:

85 percent warm water water
5 - 20 percent of your best smelling filtered vodka. (mix around with it)
little bit of cinnamon extract
and some salt
and some !!COLD!! corn oil

Step 2: Time to Mix Around With It

start boiling the water

gradually stir in the vodka, cinnamon, salt, and corn oil. Using a grater. make little soap shaving into the warm water. wait until they dissolve

pour into bottle and spray over fabrics !!!not silk , leather, or anything valuable!!!

this may not smell the greatest, BUT it kills bacteria and such. Try it out!



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    Just for everyones info,,recent research shows Febreeze to be HARMFUL to our brains---I just dumped 2 unused bootles down the drain (city sewer system) do you own research/googling--Febreeze SUCKS big time!!

    Adding any kind of heat to alcohol will cause it to evaporate and just leave resins. And on top of that, for anything to be disinfected by alcohol it needs to be submerged in it for at least 60 minutes.

    Air DEORORIZER... suppose to DEODORIZE the air.. meaning NONE WHATSOEVER of a smell.

    well for all that work mixing it up i'll just buy the product! my time is money too. but interesting to read and all the comments. Love instructables.

    instead of vodka, why not use cheaper isopropyl alchohol? It's also called rubbing alcohol.

    I say screw the fabreeze drink the vodka and clean my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, i know alcohol is an anitseptic, but IMHO at way higher concentrations... That's y I asked ;) But if it works, I'll have to try this... BasketCase: alcohol works because its amphiphile, which means it's lipophile AND hydrophile... which makes it a good solvent. And vodka works great because it doesn't stink as much (thats why pilots and doctors prefer to drink vodka while working and not whiskey ;) )

    Oh, and because (at least good) vodka has a very high percentage of ethanol compared to uncleaner alcohols... (which also means the stuff you clean with it doesn't get that much of a hangover... ;) )

    Vodka does work. I really don't know the specifics on how it works, but I've been in some professional theatre productions and they use vodka on costumes and such.