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This will show you how to make a cheap airsoft gun out of a cap gun. This is not to be relied on in an actual airsoft battle. It's just a fun project to try.
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7-31-09: Today I found that 12hippos posted the same project as me, but about 6 months earlier. Please note that I did not copy him, as I did not know the instructable existed. If you really want to see heres the link. http://www.instructables.com/id/SUPER_Cheap_Airsoft_Pistol/

Step 1: Get your supplies

Picture of Get your supplies
You will need a cap gun revolver. I got this one at Albertsons for 2 bucks
You also need caps. I got a pack of 24 cap rings for a buck at Albertsons
You need airsoft bb's (of course). You can get these at wal-mart or any sporting goods store.
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tyeo0984 years ago
This is a firearm.

"any weapon (including a starter gun) which will or is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of any explosive;"
-18 USC 921

The projectile that is expelled is the .12g plastic BB, the explosive is the cap.

Its not illegal (unless you love in NY or Cali, or IL w/o a foid card) but you need to be over 18 to even possess it.

All firearm rules apply to this.

In some states, the construction of this w/o a gunsmithing license is a felony, and ill land you in jail for more than 5 years, and remove your right to vote, own a firearm, etc.
CrapToCool2 days ago

I made it, but I took a pen apart, and made a longer barrel with it, Then I painted it with spraypaint (poorly)

Works pretty good, Quite accurate, Photo below

qboid1 year ago
Hmm I can use this cylinder to make a airgun magazine (actually two or three), instead of spending £50 on buying just one.
how many fps does it have
Mine shot @ 250 fps
That's good
Frames per second? This is real life my good man ;D Unless you are getting lag while walking down the street I think the fps is really good :p Nah but I think you got your gaming words mixed up ;p
feet per second, its what bb guns are measured in
:p I'm sorry, as a European I was not familiar with your system of measurements ;)
I'm pretty sure FPS is metric.
Facepalm. FEET per second. Feet are most definately not metric. Metric is meters.
oh wow lol im a stupid person feet are american standard! lolwut i should know that
chocowubbles (author)  fn06afranci4 years ago
Well I dont have a chronometer, so I cant measure, but its not a lot
dude omg its Feet Per Second no Frames duh
No it means feet per second man :)
how fast can the bb's shoot.by how many feet per sec
250 fps
darman123 years ago
Do you put the BBs closer to the caps or the end of the cylinder?
I assume closer to the caps but i'm just making sure...great instructable by the way!
DouglasG13 years ago
I don't know about you, but i like this gun. Try the same with other cap guns.
Dr Qui3 years ago
I can remember a commercial version of this being available in the UK for all of about 2 months back around 1982-4, they where a Chinese import that fired small hard rubber bullets powered by caps.

I took less than 6 weeks before before more than one idiot lost an eye and they got banned completely, there was even a nationwide news alert not to buy the toy and the police seized any remaining stock from shops and market traders.
This would be classified as a real revolver because it uses explosives to fire so be careful. OK
jbend3 years ago
How far dose it go
Timatobut3 years ago
Pretty good. It is technically a real "gun", and can get you arrested. It just fires custom projectiles.
sswartz23 years ago
arent there plastic things that sit behind the cap? inbox me the answer please. :)
ilpug3 years ago
Dammit, i am driven to make a better version of one of these. like one that could be used in an airsoft game with actual tactical applicability.
2hot2hack4 years ago
can you use ordinary metal BBs ornot? cos in australia we cant get airsoft.
it wont fit in the revolver because a metal bb is 4,5 mm and a plastic is 6mm
so wat if i find a metal bb thats 6mm not 4.5??
You can try to order them online
chocowubbles (author)  2hot2hack4 years ago
Sorry, metal bb's don't fit snugly so the most of the force goes around and they just fall out.
~Aeronous~6 years ago
hey, I just notiiced but its not an airsoft gun, its powered by gunpowder.
chocowubbles (author)  ~Aeronous~6 years ago
Well, gunpowder still fires by using gas generated by a small explosion, so in a way, it is. But you are correct in that it is not a true airsoft gun.
it is an airsoft gun. because it uses air pressure to fire the BBs. the fact that the air pressure is generated by an explosion doesn't say it's no air pressure. there are airsoft guns powered by methane too, thats also pressure by explosion.
Not methane, propane. And they just use the pressure of the gas, they do not combust it.
co2 as well
it also not gunpowder its the stff they use on matchheads
I agree its not pure gun powder. You wiil notice when you hit a stryke anywere
match with a hammer on a flat surface it will explode.
It depands on the standerds for a 'true airsoft gun'.
It would most likely be considered an airsoft gun becuse now they have newer
hybrid cap powerd airsoft guns with shells. ( what I mean is cap goes in the
back of the shell and the bb in the front.)
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