Introduction: DIY an Electronic Air Freshener Deodorizer

DIY an Electronic Air Freshener deodorizer

Fresh Air Exhaust with coffee powder or cinnamon...

You can choose your favorite essence, provided you use the powdered extract. The amount should not exceed two fingers of the measure.

PS: the video with more details can be found at:

DIY parts:

- Plastic pot

- Small Gear

- 110v AC to 5v DC Adapter

- Small 10k potentiometer

- Propeller

- Coffee Powder

By Zola Lab

Step 1:

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- Plastic pot with cap (height: ~10cm )

- Small Gear

- 110v AC to 5v DC Adapter

- Small 10k potentiometer

- Propeller

- Coffee Powder

Step 2:

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1) Drill a hole at the center of the cap.

2) Insert the motor inside the center hole.

3) Drill four small holes on the cap, in front of the motor (as you can see in this picture).

4) Drill three holes on the side of the plastic pot, 2cm to under the cap.

5) Plug the propeller on the motor.

Step 3:

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1) Open the AC adapter, and solder two wires,

one GND and one VCC from the USB port output.

2) Connect the wires to the motor's terminals (but don't solder it yet), and make shure the poles is the right side. The motor must spin like an exhaust (pulling air, and not pushing it).

3) Before closing the A/C enclosure, make sure that you passed the wires through the holes of the enclosure. Warning: be very careful when working with alternating current.

Step 4:

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1) Now, you must solder the GND wire on the right pole of the motor.

2) You must solder the VCC wire on a terminal of the small potentiometer. And the other terminal of the potentiometer on the another motor’s terminal. This will allow you to adjust the motor speed.

3) Now you can close everything and test. If everything is fine, you can use a hot glue to stuck the parts.

Step 5:

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1) Now it's time to put coffee powder (measure: max two fingers) or any other essence that you like.

2) And test it !!!

Step 6:

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Done !

Good Luck !


jackie_juan (author)2015-06-19

Cinnamon is a perfect natural airfreshner! Thanksfor the inspiration :)

Specist (author)2015-01-14

Very nice ible, I really like how the potentiometer allows for that just right speed setting.

seamster (author)2015-01-07

Nice work! This is a very simple, but clever design. Very cool!

ezola (author)seamster2015-01-07

thank you !

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