Picture of DIY attractive Planters from Junk
Be it an Unattractive Corner, Atop a boring table, Ignored Wall, or Smack in the middle of your hall, Plants can instantly add a dash of zest to your life! They suck out VOCs and pollutants and give out fresh, pure air to keep us healthy. And they are very good at helping your mood as well!

All said and done, lets quickly make a small , cute planter and bring some green indoors! 

Step 1: Find Containers

Picture of Find Containers
For this project, I have used some old paint containers. Anything that holds soil well can be used. Be creative! Don't be afraid to try any size and shape!

Plants seem to adapt to almost anything as long as they are cared after.
Good idea but it still only looks like a spray painted bucket
bhvm (author) 1 year ago
you mean the paint could be toxic or something? don't worry those leaves are just for show.
kliu81 year ago
Just dont use it for any plant you would eat :)