DIY Back to School Ideas! DIY Organization, Tumblr Inspired Supplies & More!





Introduction: DIY Back to School Ideas! DIY Organization, Tumblr Inspired Supplies & More!

Hi guys! I know it’s still summertime but as some of you start school next month I decided to make some DIY back to school projects! I know school supplies can get a little bit pricey so I will show you some ideas to make them yourself with things you probably have at home.

For the bulletin board you will need: an embroidery ring, a piece of fabric and some spray paint.

First I spray painted the two pieces of my embroidery ring. You can skip this step if you like the color of your ring. Then I just place the fabric and press the inner hoop with the outer hoop.
Tug on the fabric so it’s tight and glue the leftover fabric so it doesn’t show. And your finished!

The next idea is really easy and you will need: a paper block, something heavy and some spray paint.

For this one you just need to spray paint the sides of your paper block. I know it’s really simple but I thought it was a great idea to spice up some of your school supplies.
Then, just take out the first paper notes and you will have your edge painted paper block.

For the pencil holder you will need: a jar, a CD and some paint.
First, I heat the CD for a couple of minutes so it gets softer and easier to cut. Then I cut it out in little pieces. Be extra careful with this step so you don’t cut yourself. After that, I just glued the little pieces to the jar with a hot glue gun.

You can totally leave it like that, but I decided to paint the inside, so I just put some white and blue paint, mix them together and swirl the paint around the jar. Let it drip for a little bit and then dry overnight. And that’s it! You will have a beautiful holder for your pens and pencils.

For the last one I got the inspiration from Tumblr. You will need: a plain notebook and some pictures. This ones you can find searching Instagram photography on Google. You can search Instagram or Tumblr quotes too. Print the pictures and cut them. Arrange them on your notebook and them glue them down.

So I hope you find these ideas useful and thumbs up this video if you want to see more back to school videos.

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    Followed you. I <3 your video you took a lot of time in creating and editing it which is a huge plus on top of your projects.

    This is so cute!! Going to make the pinup board!

    These are such simple crafts, but they all are so pretty! I love the jar you made!