I wanted a lapdesk that was exactly sized for my laptop without spending an arm and a leg for one. I know you can get cheap lapdesks from Target and the like, but I found that those were much too big for my purposes, and especially in a tiny apartment where space is at a premium.

This instructable involves ironing, cutting etc. suffice it to say, there are many points at which you can hurt yourself. So please be careful.

You don't have to use the same materials but I used many of these as they were leftovers from other projects.

Step 1: Supplies

Besides your toolbox you will need:

A cutting board - I got this one from Ikea on sale, but you can use any flat surface that will be the top of your desk. One thing to keep in mind you want it to be hard and heat resistant (those laptops get molten hot). Finally in my case it was the color that I wanted the top to be, so i didn't need to paint anything.

Some fabric - this one looked fun so I took a 1/2 yard to be safe.

Liquid nail to do the final glueing. if you don't want to drill and have screws on the surface, but this can be bypassed.

Some scrap wood- this can be multiple pieces or a panel, use what you have.

Filling like pillow stuffing, foam or polyfill.

Some screws - I used drywall screws.
<p>why not just use a second cutting board instead of the wood? do all the same steps but glue the fabric onto the second cutting board instead of the wood. since it's not going to be seen you could use super glue which would be very sturdy</p>
I like the cupholder idea.<br><br>You can also cut a hole in the middle throw in a case fan and a fan guard, connect it to a usb cord, and move air out of it. heck, maybe even throw a small usb hub in there too :-)
like it but i but i bought one fore 7$ not an arm and a leg maybye just a finger or two
Looks good. It could be useful also as a table for eating at parties. I think I will make one.
Instead of apiece of wood, do you think that a piece of sturdy cardboard would work? You are gluing it to a board, after all. I still think it's a brilliant project. Thank you for posting it.
The problem with that would be using it for writing. You would score the surface, making it look like crap, and difficult to write on. I would love to make one these, as it is very difficult for me to focus at a desk or table when I'm doing my homework.
I think what he had been referring to was the piece of board that the pillow case gets fixed to, <strong>then</strong> gets glued to the bottom of the work surface, rather than the actual work surface itself.<br/>But still, using cardboard to fit the pillowcase to may be a bit problematic, as it'll not be as smooth and regular a surface to glue to the work surface.<br/>
Very nice instructable. :) Thanks for sharing it.
This is brilliant.
I would make one... but I don't have a laptop. If you send me one, preferably a macbook, but anything works. I'll make this project. XD 5/5 stars
i signed up for a free macbook air, i had to sign for 3 credit cards though.
tell me if you get it?
Oh, dont worry about that one, i'll post a huge forum topic about it. lol
macbook? baaarf.
ahhh.... phooey. I heard the video editing on it is beastly. =D and I like that.<br/>Heath ledger. SOrry I've been looking at batman fanart for the past 3 hours.<br/>
Now what would be completely awesome is if you somehow incorporated a protective pouch and zipper to make this both a lap desk and case all in one. I'm not good at making this kind of stuff so please steal this idea as your own ;)
Thanks....I've been thinking about throwing one of these together actually.....now Ijust gotta find that wicked fabric I picked up last year.
<strong>Awesome Job</strong>! I may just make one of these for myself.<br/>

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