Picture of DIY bbq in action
BBQ grill made by Alex Fleming
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Picture of MATERIALS
What you will need:
1 Altoids tin case with a lid that has no embrossings, or engraved text. It should be flat.
1 Xacto knife
1 coat hanger
1 pair of needle nose pliers
1 pair of regular flat head pliers
sand paper ranging from 100 grit to 2000 grit( for maximum style and performance)

Step 2: The lid

Picture of The lid
The lid complete
Get your knife and cut the lid where you see the black line so it should look like this:

Step 3: The grill

Picture of The grill
The grill
Take a coat hanger and cut the hook of of it then bend the hanger with the two pliers so it should look like this. You want to make the grill act like a "spring" so when you put the grill in place, it won't come out unless you squeeze the ends of the grill together.

Step 4: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
eBq BBQ grill
eBq BBQ grill in use
eBq BBQ grill on the stand
After you finish making each part, assemble the grill so the grill fits snugly inside the brim of the Altoids tin case. Put the lid back on. It should close all the way if made properly. then sand the product so it looks like the images below. That is optional! You're done!

Step 5: Video of eBq BBQ in action

This is the finished grill! The spill is from Reiley. He accidentally poured too much fuel into the grill. But that's okey.

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The hanger won't melt
pdagrizley4 years ago
I'm in lesbians with this design
(removed by author or community request)
Nice one! High five! *Smack!
ahmad_mhna4 years ago
awang86 years ago
Doesn't cooking on a naked flame give you cancer?
Everything is bad for you in large enough quantities. I say just live life and avoid the big causes of cancer, and don't worry about whether your char-broiled beef franks will eventually do you in.
Warning: Dihydrogen oxide is known to the state of California to cause cancer
 WOO!!!!! We Are made from cancerous materials then since we are made of WATER!!!!
sometimes I think they do that just to mess with peoples heads!
ebqbbqmaster (author)  junits155 years ago
you got that right. you can say that again...really, you can
sometimes I think they do that just to mess with peoples heads!
Everything in california is known to cause cancer, you cant walkaround an electronics store without seing that sign 50 times. I work at a bookstore and theres at least five of them i know of. Even kfc has them! (no suprise there)
The hole state of California is caner,why do you think the North American land mass is trying to dump it back in to the sea with all the earth quakes out there
I beleve alaska actuialy has more quakes then california, but dont quote me on that, im going to have to check and see if thats true. Consitiring the size an the no. of falts under ak, i would not suprised. There havent realy been any big quakes in ca for a while, aside the 5.0 over the summer (which, for the record, was 1/2 mile from my house, when i was leaning over the the 2nt story deck hanging clothes on the line. That one certinly was not my best quake experiance.) besides, i think the economy is taking care of the destruction of ca.
well the economy is just purging its self form over indulgences and effects the hole USA NOT JUST CA. If you look past the CA side of the US. The rest of CA's problems is the effect of GREED, SELF CENTRED CORRUPTED MORONS TRYING TO BE IN POWER OVER THE REST OF THIS GRATE NATION
excuse me but i live in cali and i havnt gotten cancer. and ARNOLD IS AWESOME HOW DARE YOU! D:< ILL BE BACK
ebqbbqmaster (author)  Heywasup5 years ago
I live in CA too. In Los angeless where the (COUGH) rich people live (Cough Cough)
That was my point in a way, i wasnt directing the economic situation only to ca. This crises is efecting the entire planet, including ca. california has gone from the richest state in the nation, to beging for money before this economic situation escilated to where it is now. I supose what i ment to say was, if "the big one" hit during economic prosparity, the state would have been able to rebuild itself to an extent. If things keep heading the way they are now, (which seems likley) earthquake or not, things are not going to look good, it the quake hits right now it would be like another katrena. Most californians are not prepared for a quake the size of the one thats been pridicted to hit anytime now. the state wide earthquake drill was a complet failure. Hopfully that made sence and cleared up any confusion. i hope it was'nt all over the place eather, i just got home from work and it usualy takes me a while to get back in the right mindset.
No dude you missed most of the target. there is a be nice policy here or I would direct you to the point in a way that you could better understand it even in your own POMPOUS SELF CENTRED mind. Just as the gene pool cleans it self so dose Mother Earth! CA is still a caner to this nation, its land was raped of resource back in the gold rush days and in the silicon rise of its wealth of time. let the sea take it back to restore the ways be for man raped it !
ebqbbqmaster (author)  Fred826645 years ago
the whole bleeping world is cancer!
ebqbbqmaster (author)  wesley12345 years ago
ebqbbqmaster (author)  dark sponge5 years ago
ha nice
lol i remember somebody doing a survey that asked "do you think dihydrogen monoxide should be outlawed in schools?" 90% of the people asked said yes >_<
Yes, its true, Dihydrogen Monoxide is a component of acid rain, contributes to the greenhouse effect, may cause severe burns, contributes to erosion of our natural landscape, accelerates corrosion, and many other things including death.
it is also the most addictive substance known to man
I prefer it with a lot of carbonic acid myself.
im gonna get cancer from the internet.....oooooooooooooooo
ebqbbqmaster (author)  conrad24685 years ago
WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have heard that CRT monitors produce radiation which you might be able to get cancer from... I'm going to buy a new monitor... Nice instructable I might try it one day.
but dont monitors have lead in them? shouldnt that REDUCE radiation? or will lead give you radiation cancer nowadays?
I don't know, lead is poisonous which shouldn't help. That's why they banned lead from toys and pencils and many other products.
woah, is it going to be named after you?
yea i was diagnosed with conrad2468 today
What's your name? Conrad2468 I'm so sorry!!!
junits15 awang86 years ago
where did you hear that?
Are there any dangerous metals in an Altoids tin?
no, if there were they wouldn't be filled wih mints! XD
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