Picture of DIY bbq in action
BBQ grill made by Alex Fleming
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Picture of MATERIALS
What you will need:
1 Altoids tin case with a lid that has no embrossings, or engraved text. It should be flat.
1 Xacto knife
1 coat hanger
1 pair of needle nose pliers
1 pair of regular flat head pliers
sand paper ranging from 100 grit to 2000 grit( for maximum style and performance)

Step 2: The lid

Picture of The lid
The lid complete
Get your knife and cut the lid where you see the black line so it should look like this:

Step 3: The grill

Picture of The grill
The grill
Take a coat hanger and cut the hook of of it then bend the hanger with the two pliers so it should look like this. You want to make the grill act like a "spring" so when you put the grill in place, it won't come out unless you squeeze the ends of the grill together.

Step 4: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
eBq BBQ grill
eBq BBQ grill in use
eBq BBQ grill on the stand
After you finish making each part, assemble the grill so the grill fits snugly inside the brim of the Altoids tin case. Put the lid back on. It should close all the way if made properly. then sand the product so it looks like the images below. That is optional! You're done!

Step 5: Video of eBq BBQ in action

This is the finished grill! The spill is from Reiley. He accidentally poured too much fuel into the grill. But that's okey.

ahmad_mhna4 years ago
Are there any dangerous metals in an Altoids tin?
Oldrunk6 years ago
That is a awsome idea, a BBQ that can fit in my lunch box , lunch at work just became so much better, thanks!!!!!