Introduction: DIY Bike-light System

Equipment used:
Soldering iron and solder
Hot glue-gun and glue

Parts you'll need:
Thin cardboard, or poster-board
5 super bright white LEDs 
5 super bright red LEDs (or standard LEDs if you don't have cheap/free acess to super brights. I scavennged all of my parts except the resistors)
2 220Ohm resistors
1 9 volt battery
something to mount it into like a toy-egg like I'm using

Aluminum foil tape

see video for assembly instructions.

Thanks for checking out our first instructable and DIY video!

-Unseen Legions DIY


Phil B (author)2013-07-16

Thank you. This is very practical and helpful. It would be great if you could include a photo to show how much the headlight portion illuminates the roadway ahead of the bicycle at night. I know it will not be tremendously bright, but still, a photo would give an idea of how well a cyclist can see where he is going.

UnseenLegionsDIY (author)Phil B2013-07-16

I'll see what I can do about that in the near future. Just need to borrow my roommate's camera. All I've got is my 2 webcams which are, obviously, not that great of quality.

-Ace From UL DIY

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