DIY Bike Whitewalls With PVC Tape





Introduction: DIY Bike Whitewalls With PVC Tape

Hi there!
Did you know, that the PVC duct tape is ideal material for whitewalls for custom bike?
Whitewall tyres costs more than regular ones on Ebay, or local bike shop, and sometimes it is really hard to find them cheap.
If you want to customize your beach cruiser, you may heve it done for a few bucks (sorry for my english)

Step 1: First - Make It Clean

Clean your tire using sponge ang soap. Also you can use a gas, or whitespirit it also do good.
The tire becomes clean and soft

Step 2: The PVC Tape

In your local store or building supermarket, buy a PVC tape. It is cheap and durable, have a good glue already

Step 3: Get Stuck

Take it on the tire carefully

Step 4: Heat It Better

Use the heat and thumb to glue it to the tire. Be careful - do not burn your thumb.
Heat the tape carefully, it will activise the glue and the tape become soft like cream
For better effect you can use some kind of roller to press the tape better

Step 5: Complete One Side - Three to Go!

This is only one side. Proceed this instructable for the other side and for a front wheel.

Step 6: Complete It and Go for a Ride

Well... I have been making it for an hour or so.
But it looks great

If you make it done carefully, the PVC tape will begin to come off after a three months of everyday cruisin'. (even in rainy weather)



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    hi great instuctable do you mind me asking what type of pike that is you own

    great job, going to add to my custom flyer


    all done, looks great dont you think


    Wow! Is this Basmann?! ^_^
    I love this style
    Do you have Skype, or ICQ?

    not a basmann , my friend makes them, there eletric too
    so makes life easy


    Nice bike))) Is there a spade-seat? :)
    Really! good work. I've got some questions like: top speed, weihgt, capacity)

    yes spade seat, top speed 15mph, 10 mile range on one 4hour charge,
    50kg in weight, great fun

    I had a Schwinn Stingray with an electric motor))
    It had an 1.2 Hp motor, top speed 29 mph and 22 mile range
    50 kg in weight and 10 hours of recharging
    I've sold it and took a Cruiser - it is much comfortable, useful and with high durability)

    could i do this on auto tires also if i add a clear sealant could it protect it longer

    That bike is phat as hell! What bike is it?