DIY Body Scrub ♲





Introduction: DIY Body Scrub ♲

Body scrubs are great!  They leave skin feeling fresh and smooth as well as healthy and glowing by exfoliating off old layers of dead skin.  (They are also a must before applying sunless tanner or getting a spray tan.)  However, sometimes you just don’t have the money to buy one or just don’t have one on hand to use when you need a good scrub.  No worries…you can make your own body scrub using ingredients that you most likely already have stashed in your kitchen pantry.You can scale this recipe up or down this scrub is perfect as a little treat for yourself, or even as a gift . Just fill up a pretty jar and add a tag with a bit of twine and you’re set to go!

Supplies -

  • 3 cups of sugar
  • 3/4 cup of olive oil
  • Juice from one lemon
  • Zest from two lemons
  • 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract
  • Jar(s
  • Twine
  • Tag


  • Combine all ingredients (oil last); mix well
  • Apply to body and massage into skin
  • Rinse



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I do have sensitive skin and allergies that is why I always opt to NATURAL. Highly recommend this to anyone!

I just made some with sugar, olive oil, vanilla extract and some perfume (I don't like olives and don't have any other oils) and it works amazing!!!

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Yes I have done this before, any oil- even essential oil is usable

Can you use other types of oil? Maybe coconut and what about lime juice instead of lemon?

Hello, yes you can use coconut oil just melt it down and then let it cool to room tempter before using. You can really make it your own lime would be just fine instead of lemon!!! :)

the coconut really sound great ...there have been several shows that talked about the benefits of coconut oil...when I was sailing around the pacific we used coconuts for everything made cream for coffee used oil for cooking and scraped the nut for just good eating with a rice pudding...go for it there are many benefits of which I think that you are already aware

How long would this last? Should you keep it in the fridge or is counter storage fine

Hello, the storage life is about a week and I would recommend keeping it in the fridge just so it stays fresh!

yah do you need to keep it cold? or is bath temp safe????