This instructable will teach you how to make your own buttons / pins
instead of buying those expensive shitty ones ..

like this one on the picture. my new Jägermeister button!

Step 1: Stuff You Need!

this is the things you need to make your own button:

1 Bottlecap
1 beer can opener
1 small safetypin
pair of scissors
pliers (or something to shape the button with, gotta be metal atleast)

and since i didnt have a bottlecap with a picture
i will use a black marker to make my own pic!
I used a Bottle cap from a bottle of Cola and pulled Al.Foil over it and glued it down, then I&nbsp;used A marker to make a small little stocking stuffer, awesome Instructable, 5/5<br />
If you take CLEAR duct tape and put it over the design then take a lighter and seal it then you have a button seal.
&nbsp;yeah!!! great tip!&nbsp;
you should put a clear coat of polish or something over painting or gluing a pic. it would help keep it from fading or scratching :D very nice idea i gotta try it! ty for the post!
Oh, I'm in love with this tutorial (>3<) Thank you so much, I was getting tired of all those "really easy, you only need some crap of 60 dollars".
this is actually pretty sweet! maybe hot glue everything to keep the caps original design...
hot glue is expensive . thats the problem. im trying to get down to basics and have as low budget for my projects as possible, everythings possible without money. all that except the sapetypin was leftovers from last nights party ;D anyway thanks for positive reactions :)
naw i get big bags of glue sticks from the doller store all the time and just use a lighter or the like to melt them
Gosh, Jagermeister smells just like mouthwash.
nah. smells great tastes great ;D

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