DIY Camouflage Airsoft Gun!





Introduction: DIY Camouflage Airsoft Gun!

In this instructable I will teach you how 20 minutes of work can turn into a custom paint job for your airsoft gun! I used a stinger P9 that i had laying around.

Step 1: Materials

Materials Include:
A gun to paint
Spray paint (make sure it works with plastic)
Masking tape

- you will want somewhere to hang the gun from that is ventilated or outside ( I used a tree branch! )

Step 2: Prepping the Gun

In order to get the desired "tiger striped" affect you need to rip and place the masking tape to make it look like tiger stripes.  It takes a little messing with but just rip it in varying sizes, trying to avoid strait edges. In order to make it look realistic it is also a good idea for them all to be at relatively the same angle. Something that also helps is crinkling or pushing the edges of the strips in the make it more natural looking. Please be careful and cover holes for mags and extra crevices because paint or junk in there can cause damages to your gun!

Step 3: Hanging and Painting.

The hard and time consuming part is over! Now all you have to do is take your string and hang that mag and gun up from a branch or whatever you want and cover those suckers in paint. You also have to wait for it to dry :(. I know but read the label on your can of paint and be sure to give it ample time to paint or the effect could be ruined!

Step 4: Final Product!

After waiting for it to dry you need to peel off the masking tape to reveal your brand new TIGER STRIPED CAMO GUN!!!! 



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    Only useful for fighting your way out of a tiger pit...

    Stinger p9 is the best spring airsoft pistol out there

    Wow this came out pretty sick im going to have to try this. Thank you for the inspiration.

    You should really tape up or remove parts of the gun that move if you want it to work well after painting.

    and i haven't had a problem in over a year with usage

    yeah i bet theres a bunch of way to do it i imagine u could also just put the dowel in where the mag is supposed to go

    It did turn out nicely.

    You could also stick them on a handle of some kind - a wooden or metal dowel for example. Hanging works if you have a tree though. Or sticking the barrel on a broken branch!

    no problem haha i really want that ipad :)