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I quickly feel cold, especially my head but don't like thick and bulky winter caps. So I wanted to find a simple and inexpensive design for heated beanie...

It proved to be very easy! I just put a piece of carbon fiber tape and a mobile flat battery in my beanie. Anyone will be able to do the same for an hour!

Step 1: Shopping List

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1. Double layers beanie.
2. 2 feet of 44mm carbon fiber tape and now on Amazon.

3. Silver glue.

4. Blinking LED (if you like it).

5. Mobile phone battery (anyone you have but not so big for comfortable wearing).

6. Thermostat switch for the temperature you would like (only if you will power it at 12 volt)

7. Click switch.

8. An old USB cable.

Step 2: Begining...

Picture of Begining...

1. Cut inseam with a scissors.

1. Cut a piece of the carbon tape. The length of the tape should be such that it may be convenient to pull a hat on your head, as it was before.

2. Connect wires with a silver glue.

Step 3: Connection...

Picture of Connection...

1. Glue the click switch to the battery with a hot glue stick.

2. Solder the thermostat switch to a wire contact on the carbon tape and to click switch.

I used the thermostat to protect beanie from overheating when connected to my bike battery. You can connect carbon directly to click switch if you don't like to use a thermostat.

3. Solder battery to the switch with a piece of wire.

4. Solder led in parallel to carbon (if you need a sing your beanie is heated).

5. Solder USB (check the polarity!).

6. Test how it works.

Step 4: Assembly...

Picture of Assembly...

1. Unsolder one side of the carbon.

2. Put the carbon tape between beanie layers and drive it all around the circle.

3. Solder it back again.

4. Sew the seam. Leave the USB opened.

5. Charge your carbon heated beanie with a USB charger.

6. Push the button and enjoy the warm!

Step 5: Using!

Picture of Using!

I made it working in an hour but you could make it faster without thermostat and led. Maybe you want it bike powered so you don't need to solder a battery as well. Just place the carbon tape inside and connect it with a dimmer to any power source you have.

Just push the button and you will be warm in a second even in a deep cold winter. I love carbon and its heat!

Step 6: To Be Continued...

Picture of To Be Continued...

See next month: Some Like It Hot... How to make carbon heated steering weel.


TinaD32 (author)2017-04-29

hello. I absolutely love your project and I am in the process of ordering my supplies. I was wondering if you could clarify something for me. In the step of connecting the wire to the carbon tape you are using silver glue? You make a line with the silver glue across the whole tape and not just at the connection point of the wire. So my questions are, 1. is the wire stripped for the entire length of the silver? 2. does the silver dry and then is the wire soldered to the silver or does the silver act the same as solder?

thank you to anyone who can help me understand this part of the process.

Shenzhen (author)TinaD322017-04-29

There shouldn't be a connection point but a connection line:) So the wire goes across the whole tape and the silver glue covers the whole connection line.

1. is the wire stripped for the entire length of the silver? - Yes.

2. does the silver dry and then is the wire soldered? - No.

3. does the silver dry and act the same as solder? - Yes.

DonC9 (author)2016-10-27

I would like to know what kind of thermal imaging cameras your using

Shenzhen (author)DonC92016-10-27

It is Cantronic infrared thermal camera.

turgan (author)2016-03-29

Hi, I have only 20mm , 30mm and 50mm carbon fiber tapes near me in a store in Turkey.

For use with 12v which one would you suggest?

turgan (author)turgan2016-03-29

Also is it easy to cut 50mm in half and create 25mm tapes and work with those?

Shenzhen (author)turgan2016-03-29

Unfortunately carbon fiber tape for heaters cannot be cut in half.

geekrex (author)2016-03-22

Really a nice project i would surely work with the carbon fiber tape if available here

Shenzhen (author)geekrex2016-03-23

You can order it here

Patzilla99 (author)2016-01-20

Could I use graphite glue instead of silver glue? What is the difference?

Shenzhen (author)Patzilla992016-01-20

Yes, we need a real silver glue.

Heated clothing heeds a big current, so
contacts must have very low resistance. Silver is the best and has 0,1 Ohm/cm or less. You can make a small connection place but it still will be cold.

glue has very big
resistance about 100 Ohm/cm or more. You have to make a big connection place but it nevertheless can heat up to fire.

cowboyathome (author)2015-12-16

When did people stop calling them stocking caps and start calling the beanies?

Shenzhen (author)Akin Yildiz2015-12-07


We are ready for the cold winter, are you? Let's try!

pjjns (author)2015-12-01

Love your idea, but be a really bad place if mobile bat explodes. Will give gloves a try though.


Akin Yildiz (author)2015-10-25

i just ordered the tape. 1m/44mm. and put together an informative slideshow. my goal is to make and donate heated clothing to the homeless in my neighborhood. current cost for a beanie, including the battery can be as low as $11 for 2600mAh rechargable battery and should reach minimum 30Celcuis. but you can make beanie + gloves together for $15. not bad at all, should be very easy to find donations for. i will be in touch.



love & peace

alpaycan (author)Akin Yildiz2015-10-25

Akin, congrats for the thought of donation. I should try the same for immigrants passing by to reach Europe. Pls update me on the process how to make it more rugged. Tesekkurler

Akin Yildiz (author)alpaycan2015-11-24

it's working, i made a hat. you can see a picture 3 comments up ;)
i will post an instructable once i find some time

Shenzhen (author)alpaycan2015-10-25

Maybe you should make it without battery. Just with power cord for external source (AC adaptor).

I recommend you to make a few tests at first.

Akin Yildiz (author)Shenzhen2015-10-25

it has to be mobile. especially for biking. with a bike generator to usb outlet and/or velcro solar cells behind backpack. i noticed your mobile packs. i believe this is a field that must be focused. you can do heated handle bars and seat on bicycle. tapped into onboard main battery. modular with everything basically. usb is much more universal. seems like i should be getting sufficient heat with just 3.3V if not definitely at 5V. how long does it usually take to deliver to US.?

Akin Yildiz (author)alpaycan2015-10-25

i have a few ideas already, waiting for the carbon tape arrival. will make an instructable soon. you can use the shared link above to get access to plans and parts.


it can be powered via solar during the day, and switch to powerbank at night. you can also plug it in to your laptop since it can be usb powered. i am working on how to make them very secure and quick/cheap.

Akin Yildiz made it! (author)2015-11-24

finally made some progress :) its working great with a usb rechargable battery (powerbank) in the pocket. or even your laptop will turn it on, anything usb. the cost is about 6-8$ per beanie, including battery and everything.

Gomi no Sensei (author)2015-11-15

That's a really clever design for very cold places. Just one thing I could suggest, you need to add a $2 Ebay lion charging pcb, they have a low voltage cutout. I suspect your battery will get damaged from deep discharging.

Akin Yildiz (author)2015-10-25

great posts. i will be making beanie, gloves and shoes. i am going to use a 5V rechargable keychain power bank. 50000mAh in the pocket, run the wires around my body like headphones, keep the battery in pocket. plug it in when needed for a few minutes, unplug. no switch needed, no led. a centralized battery system. will post updates here. favorite + follow. great work, thank you for sharing.

burnerjack01 (author)2015-10-24

What kind of performance & duration can be expected with a typical flat pack cellphone type battery?

Shenzhen (author)burnerjack012015-10-25

Duration depends on battery capacity. My battery has 2200 mAh and the run time is 2 hours.

Shingalana (author)2015-10-24

I need instructions on how to do this with shoes or shoe insoles. My daughter is a car hop at a small mom & pop root beer stand and during the winter, he hands and feet get SO cold. She can't really wear gloves because of handling the food, but getting her feet warm would be fantastic.

JiaJun88 (author)2015-10-24

Can I use a car lead acid battery to power this?

Shenzhen (author)JiaJun882015-10-24

Yes, you can use a car, bike or any other powerful batteries.

gwleader (author)2015-10-20

I like this. The most heat is lost through the top of your head. Why stop with a hat. It's been done but why not socks? I'm with Zapp, why does on wear a wool cap in the summer? I'm from Texas and I would think that, a wool cap in the summer it would fry your brain.

gravityisweak (author)gwleader2015-10-23

The heat loss through the head thing is just a myth. It's been established that any exposed part of your body will lose heat just as fast as any other. Still, any piece of heated clothing is great.

cayooper (author)2015-10-22

Good idea, esp. because of the info on carbon tape. Who knew it existed.

Re the idea of soldering and lithium batteries, I get concerned, as these things have violent properties when exposed to heat.

If you have one of these 2-layer beanies, try using strips cut from the mylar [?] emergency blanket between the layers to reflect/retain body heat.

bd5 (author)2015-10-20

Would it be warmer if you used 240V and plugged it directly into the wall socket?

wobbler (author)bd52015-10-20

@bd5: Have you thought of using a Tesla coil?

bd5 (author)wobbler2015-10-20

No, I have not, but I do want to make an ozone generator. I just need the quartz. But...A Tesla Coil on my head + a burning flaming head band, that would certainly would both keep me warm and look really cool!

Mi cha el (author)bd52015-10-20

Very much so. Like a fire built on your head. lol

bd5 (author)Mi cha el2015-10-20


Shenzhen (author)bd52015-10-20

Well, carbon fiber tape can work AC or DC but 240V is too much for this length. You need more carbon or an adaptor.

Woods7878 (author)2015-10-20

I think this is great to have an entire motorcycle, snow gear outfits with connectable link to the rest of the outfit. Where do you buy carbon tape?

Shenzhen (author)Woods78782015-10-20

hemanthk13 (author)2015-10-20

A possible upgrade will be using an ATtiny 85 and a temperature sensor, to get variable temp setting.

zappenfusen (author)2015-10-20

I'm baffled when I see people wearing these hats in summer. Thanks for the info on the carbon tape.


DejayRezme (author)2015-10-20

This is a cool idea. Thanks!

It would be great though if more of these instructables provide an overview of the concept in the beginning though. Like: the graphite is a resistive heater and the charging via USB uses an integrated circuit on the battery etc.

zucchero (author)2015-10-13

Can I have a bit of information on USB cable and battery connection? USB Positive-negative? Which color is connected? Also I didn't get the battery connection as there are three connections I suppose....

Shenzhen (author)zucchero2015-10-13

Batteries usualy have 3 contacts (modern can have 4 or 5) but you can find "-" and "+" mark on your battery.

battery has overcharge ic board inside so I can connect it directly to
any USB. If you will use unknoun 3.7v battery you should use a charge
board like this one:

zucchero (author)Shenzhen2015-10-14

Thanks for the response... I appreciate it...

One80Bits (author)2015-10-12

That is one of the most innovative things I've ever seen! Well done & great Instructable

rafununu (author)2015-10-12

This is a great idea !

But you must rework the charge process, such batteries hate direct current and need a special circuitry to work fine, they can burn or explode. If there's no limiter, the computer usb port can be destroyed as well.

thijsv (author)2015-10-12

nice project! Maybe I take a spin on it by adding a solar panel. Charge your beany during the day, use it in the evening when it gets colder.

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