DIY Cat As Your Key Accessory





Introduction: DIY Cat As Your Key Accessory

How to knit a cat is the tutorial lesson today. You can regard this kind of DIY cat as one accessory, which is hung with your keys or something else.

Is there anything lovely hung with your keys? Do you want to learn how to knit a cat? If so, you can do DIY cat along with me.

Step 1: do the preparatory work
Knit two pieces of rectangle yarn, a small one and a big one. Sew up one upper side and sew to a square shape. Sew the other piece to a rectangle shape. Pinch angles on each two side.

Step 2: combination and the ending work
Make the small one to be the head of the cat. Sew eyes and mouth. Combine the head, tail and body together. Then sew a piece of ribbon on the back of head.

What do you think of this DIY cat? When you lose the key, it helps you to find the key easily. For DIY cat makes the key bigger than before. Just a few minutes is needed to learn how to knit a cat. Have a try.



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    Awe, they are so cute.

    Amazing! I tried it out and it's so cute!! Thanks for showing this!!! :3