DIY Cat Planter! ❤ Pinterest Recreation | DIY Room Decor


Introduction: DIY Cat Planter! ❤ Pinterest Recreation | DIY Room Decor

Hey guys! Looking for some inspiration on Pinterest I found this super cute DIY. I thought it was really creative so I decided to make it myself and show it to you in this video.

You will need:
- A plastic bottle (soda bottles work best because they have those little legs)
- Spray paint
- Acrylic paint (any water resistant paint really, I used nail polish)
- A permanent marker (like a sharpie)
-Of course a plant to put inside :)

First, I took a plastic bottle and remove the label. Then I cover the bottom half with some cream color spray paint. You can fill the bottle halfway with some water so it stays up, it makes this step easier.

Then I cut the upper part. I measure how tall I wanted the planter to be and cut only part of the bottle as you can see in the video. I marked more or less where I wanted the cat ears to be, just above the two little legs  and cut following that line.

I decided to use some pink nail polish to paint the ears and nose. I didn't have a small brush so I used a toothpick. I drew two triangles for the ears and a heart for the nose. As you see the paint cracks when it dries so I recommend using acrylic paint if you can. I also use a permanent marker to make the rest of the face.

I finally pour some water and place the plant.

I had a lot of fun recreating this pin, I hope you found it useful and let me know if you want me to try any other pin. Also, don't forget to tweet me a picture if you try this DIY and I talk to you in my next video.

Thanks for watching!!



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    One thing I think you might need to improve on: you should list the materials.

    1 reply

    So true!! They are listed now in the description box ^_^

    I was wondering if I can use a water bottle? Instead of a soda bottle???

    1 reply

    Yesss!! But try to find one that has those little legs at the botton so they look like the legs f the cat :)

    Love it!! This looks so cute!!!!

    This is adorable! I like it!

    Wow, very cute and creative!

    Omg! I need to make this! Good job!