I kept seeing photos of cat tents on Pinterest and being shared on Facebook, but none of them had good instructions! I decided to make a cat tent for Luna and document it so you guys could make one too. :D

This cat tent is super easy to make - you really just need a t-shirt, some wire hangers and a piece of cardboard. As a bonus, it really only takes five minutes, so if your cat ignores it you didn't put too much effort in. ;)

Step 1: What You'll Need:

  • a cat
  • a medium t-shirt
  • a 15 x 15 inch piece of cardboard (mine was 13x15 and a little wonky)
  • two wire hangers (like these)
  • tape
  • safety pins
  • something to cut the hangers with and help bend them - I used a large pair of pliers. :)

Step 2: Cut the Hangers

Cut off both squiggly ends. I untwisted mine and then cut, but that's not really necessary. (though it was kinda fun!)

Step 3: Shape the Hangers + Reinforce the Cardboard If Needed

Shape the hangers so they look like the above - try to make them smooth and pretty uniform. You want two graceful curves that will go from corner to corner of your piece of cardboard.

(Lu did an excellent job of this.)

I also took this time to tape on a couple supports to the cardboard and tape all around the edges for a little more stability. This is really only necessary if you're using a piece of cardboard with a crease in it.

Step 4: Poke a Hole in Each Corner

You should be able to use the end of the hanger to do this!

Make sure it's at least a half inch in from each edge and not too large.

Step 5: Tape the Two Hangers Together

Cross the two hangers in the middle and make sure all the ends touch the surface you're working on. Tape them together really well so they don't shift.

Push the ends through the holes you just made in the corners.

Step 6: Bend the Ends and Tape Them Down

Bend at least an inch on the bottom of each hanger so it sits against the bottom of the cardboard. Tape the ends down flat against the cardboard - make sure you tape it well so it's nice and smooth and won't snag the shirt when you pull it over!

Step 7: Check and Make Sure Everything's Lined Up

At this point you can bend the wire so that it looks nicer - fiddle around with it and use the pliers if you need to straighten it out a bit. :)

Step 8: Create the Tent!

Pull the shirt over the tent frame and position it so the neck hole is in the front middle and the bottom of the shirt is trailing behind the tent frame.

Flip the whole thing up so the bottom is facing you and the hole is pointing upwards.

Fold up the excess from the bottom of the shirt and tighten it up so the neck hole is taut and safety pin the bottom in place. Then pull the sleeves tight and safety pin them in place too.

As you can see in the last image, it should be pretty tight over the frame. Keep tucking and safety pinning until it's ready!

(Yes, I know it would make sense to cut it, but I decided to leave it whole and safety pin it instead so it would be easy to remove and wash. :D)

Step 9: Give It to Your Cat!

I put a paper bag inside as a floor since it's been pretty hot here and a blanket would be waaaaay too warm. I also put a little catnip inside as a bonus.

As you can see, she was pretty stoked. :D

Very nice made 2 for the Rosie the cat
<p>I got bird if this works for him.</p>
<p>This is so adorable, I want to make one for Eve! Your kitty is super cute :)</p>
We have a small dog. She climbed right in and layed down and didn't get out.
<p>My Cat loves it so much!</p><p>I'm only ten and I made this cat cave, That's how easy it is!</p><p>Definitely try this out! </p>
<p>Made these two years in a row as raffle prizes at our local shelter fundraiser. They were a hit both years! Since then we've discovered that our Pittbull is kitty friendly so we now have a few rescue kittens as part of our family. I guess I'll have to look for some more goofy T shirts! Closed off the sleeves to the interior and used as catnip pockets. Thed used zip ties for all securing of the T shirt.</p>
<p>This is so awesome to hear! I like the idea of catnip pockets :D</p>
<p>That is so awesome and no one ever thinks to make their own toys and such for their babies. Brilliant!!!</p>
A little lopsided but.. my kitten liked it :3
Does it have to only be for cats or can it be for dogs too?
Our kitten Jupiter enjoying his tent. Thanks!
<p>Cute tent.. Maybe my cat can get out from carton boxes after I made it.</p>
<p>i made one for my kitten...he fell asleep right when I put him in it!!! BEST THING EVER!!!! so easy to make to!!! I recommend you cut off an really thick collar on the shirt and use the piece of collor in the middle as a toy! </p>
<p>Adorei a dica, vou fazer!</p><p><br></p>
Fail! Don't waste your time.
<p>Not all cats love every toy, item, you give them. Looks like a winner to me.</p>
It's only a fail if you have zero hardiness. And it appears as though that would explain it for you. <br><br>If you actually put a *tiny* bit of effort into it, these tents look amazing.
I think its awesome<br>
<p>thank you for the great tutorial! i followed your instructions and even took it one step further and tucked a second old shirt inside (tucked the sides under the cardboard) for more comfort and a finished look :D </p>
<p>Ooooh, good idea with the second t-shirt. :D What a cute little buddy, too!!</p>
<p>don't use a clean t-shirt. Wear it a few time. Cats will love your scent.</p>
<p>Beautiful. I love it.</p>
<p>How unique! What a great idea!</p>
<p>hey Jessie on a YouTube video I saw this and I was like hey I know who that is its called Pinterest fails by the talko</p>
<p>I just made it lmao it's not a fail unless you make it one</p>
So brilliant idea, specially for cats who live in parking lots and garages.
<p>Voici une tr&egrave;s bonne id&eacute;e! merci de la partager!</p><p>Thank You for this GOOD IDEA! greatest!</p><p>from France</p>
<p>But wait that isn't Pinterest its instructables</p>
<p>thank you so much for this I am deff going to give this a try. I did simmler with a box and tshirt but it is so warm and this looks way cooler for my furbabies</p>
<p>This is what I made. Louie loves it! Thanks so much for this!</p>
<p>This is what I made. Louie loves it! Thanks so much for this!</p>
I will make this but bigger for my dog.nevermind if it move she would tackle it
<p>Just made this for the kitten that showed up at my door last week, we took her in and she loves to relax on my desk, but is forever rolling off behind it, so now she has a safe spot on my desk where she can't end up in the floor and can easily hide from my grumpy old man cat that is still adjusting to our new friend. I used a thin piece of pressed board and wrapped it with an old t-shirt as well with a bit of cotton batting between it and the bottom so it is nice and soft and little Mae loves it!</p>
I recently adopted this sweet little guy from a local shelter and really needed a comfy space for him to go and sleep and feel safe. This worked out perfectly. The instructions were so easy to follow and he absolutley loved it the second i was done making it.
<p>I wonder if you could cut a hull hoop n do this</p>
So great! If I had a better shirt it would be even better but we love it! Thank you
<p>Are you part cat or something? This looks sooo cool!</p>
<p>So mine is not quite like yours and it has the added &quot;duct tape chic&quot; look. :D One of the 3 appear to have claimed it already though so I'm good with that. Thanks for the idea!!</p>
<p>cute i have 3 cats i could use this</p>
Thank you so much. My cat Blaze loves his new tent. It was really fun and easy to make.
Thank you for this tutorial! Your directions were very easy to follow, and mango loves the final product!
<p>This was fun! And here's our boy...checking out the catnip, which apparently he approved because in the space of 3 minutes he was eating catnip, climbed in and went to sleep immediately (see the last photo). I used a flat priority mail box--didn't have to cut any cardboard that way.</p>
<p>sassy t-shirt tent for a sassy cat!</p>
<p>you ugly</p>
Awesome idea ! !<br>Gonna make it for my lovely ladies!!??
<p>made two of them today, had a little trouble with the shirt, but eventually got it. a little catnip did help encourage them to enter but once they did can not get them out, until dinner time anyway. big hit for them</p>
<p>I love this idea! I am going to make more for family and friends. Thanks for the great idea!!!</p>
<p>Brilliant! I'm appalled at how expensive things like this for your pet costs at stores. I will definitely be making this! Thanks for sharing!!</p>
<p>I don't have a cat though I love the simplicity of this and the use of the head hole as the door. One of those 'I wish I had thought of that'. Cool</p>

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