Picture of DIY cat tent

I kept seeing photos of cat tents on Pinterest and being shared on Facebook, but none of them had good instructions! I decided to make a cat tent for Luna and document it so you guys could make one too. :D

This cat tent is super easy to make - you really just need a t-shirt, some wire hangers and a piece of cardboard. As a bonus, it really only takes five minutes, so if your cat ignores it you didn't put too much effort in. ;)

Step 1: What you'll need:

Picture of What you'll need:
  • a cat
  • a medium t-shirt
  • a 15 x 15 inch piece of cardboard (mine was 13x15 and a little wonky)
  • two wire hangers (like these)
  • tape
  • safety pins
  • something to cut the hangers with and help bend them - I used a large pair of pliers. :)
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Golden2404 made it!8 minutes ago
My kitten Zoe went right in and keeps all her toys in there. Its a little funky shaped but she doesnt care. Great instructions very easy to follow.
ollebull3 days ago
Muskot ignorera it for a week, but today he's been in it twice. He also likes to use it as a hurdle for jumping over.
photo-2015-08-29 23:48.jpgphoto-2015-08-29 23:48.jpg
AngelaW13 made it!5 days ago
I used a 2X shirt that I didn't wear anymore and I had a small box and left up the sides
mmachado10 made it!18 days ago

Lyra loves it. We added a door for her own privacy!

2015-08-14 18.56.34.jpg11896937_10203954749023638_1328948327_n.jpg11903551_10203954748943636_1661200365_n.jpg11872782_10203954748583627_1527760394_n (1).jpg
Awesome name, its my daughter's too! :)
Piccolo808229 days ago
Straight in
missy7222 made it!1 month ago
Great directions. Meowee loves it!!
cpietersen made it!1 month ago
Princess Celina Puss-Puss Meeowingtons approves of her new tent.
Great instructable.

Can't wait to try to make it for my cat. Though she just gave birth I'll make it for her later but this is really good!!

NiritH1 month ago

Brilliant! My cat Lucy couldn't even wait until I pin the shirt to the cardboard. jumped right into it!


love the drawing in sharpie, when i do this i might draw a design

I love cats and I love your idea... Good idea!

Tootiegirl582 months ago

very nicely done! Can't wait to make one for our cats

Judybeads2 months ago

You cat looks just like my snow baby. He is my first male cat. He is a treasure.

SereinTear2 months ago

I think you stole my cat for this. She's white and named Luna too. lol Now let's see if my Lu likes this as much as yours. ;-)

Sunflowerkiss3 months ago
I love it!! Thank you so much for sharing!! :-)
animeguard3 months ago

im sure cat will barely move from there, nice

Michellev53 months ago

love the tent. Though my 9 month old boy is a really large cat, certainly for his age, and quite destructive in nature. The shirt is now full of holes and i'm gonna go find some new coat hangers to create a cat tent: mark 2. he is madly in love with his tent.

Loula1 made it!3 months ago

I made my cat tent today, took longer than 5 minutes to make. Putting tent frame took the 5 minutes, arranging t-shirt & pinning took longer. What a great idea. Have put catnip in it, Loula went straight to tent & loves it.

lbrewer423 months ago

Seriously great idea! I was thinking of making a cat tree and think these will be great for the platforms (reinforced on the bottoms of course).

...now off to make one for my horse :))

RachelB4 made it!3 months ago

  • This is such a cool idea! I made one for my cat and she loves it. She has been in it for at least two hours now... Thanks for such a great tutorial!


ok then it took me more than 5 minutes and I used foam I found and I used duct tape ,I twisted the duct tape from inside and outside 2 reinforce the tent while I was trying 2 bend the hangers my cat decided 2 play with hanger so I took it in hallway.it doesn't look good or like the picture but cloudy is now inside so I am good

susanrm made it!4 months ago

Instant occupation. My daughter and I each made one. I turned around to look for a cat to put inside the tent but couldn't find her -- she was already inside!

llcrayolall74 months ago

I love how your cat intently watched the entire process, too cute!

sarahcpeters made it!4 months ago

My cat went straight in and won't come out, I may never see her again...

cat tent.jpg

Cute....I made it and my cat went in right away! She figured out what it was before

my boyfriend did...LOL

handymandy85 months ago
I made one. I was so excited, it turned out great. Cats won't go near it. I even put catnip in it. They ignore it completely.

Try using a t-shirt with your odor,and try to keep the tent in your common areas, cats dont like to be apart


Im a vet student UNAM

Greetings from méxico

Also, try rubbing the cat down with the shirt so it has, it's scent.

I so want to make this for my crazy lil Senor Meow Meow Pussycat. he would love it. my dilemma, I have no wire hangers. :(

I bought wire hangers at Walmart.....you get like 10 hangers for a couple of dollars.

Maybe try going to a dry cleaners and ask if they could spare a couple . . . ?


AlexaM marshain7 months ago

Just use a box!

scoop1236 AlexaM5 months ago

A box sounds like a great idea.....will try

I know what you mean!!!
Dry cleaners/laundramats have wire hangers

ok there, Joan Crawford. LOL. I was thinking the exact same thing when the first comment stated not having wire hangers...


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