Picture of DIY cat tent

I kept seeing photos of cat tents on Pinterest and being shared on Facebook, but none of them had good instructions! I decided to make a cat tent for Luna and document it so you guys could make one too. :D

This cat tent is super easy to make - you really just need a t-shirt, some wire hangers and a piece of cardboard. As a bonus, it really only takes five minutes, so if your cat ignores it you didn't put too much effort in. ;)

Step 1: What you'll need:

Picture of What you'll need:
  • a cat
  • a medium t-shirt
  • a 15 x 15 inch piece of cardboard (mine was 13x15 and a little wonky)
  • two wire hangers (like these)
  • tape
  • safety pins
  • something to cut the hangers with and help bend them - I used a large pair of pliers. :)

Step 2: Cut the hangers

Picture of Cut the hangers

Cut off both squiggly ends. I untwisted mine and then cut, but that's not really necessary. (though it was kinda fun!)

Step 3: Shape the hangers + reinforce the cardboard if needed

Picture of Shape the hangers + reinforce the cardboard if needed

Shape the hangers so they look like the above - try to make them smooth and pretty uniform. You want two graceful curves that will go from corner to corner of your piece of cardboard.

(Lu did an excellent job of this.)

I also took this time to tape on a couple supports to the cardboard and tape all around the edges for a little more stability. This is really only necessary if you're using a piece of cardboard with a crease in it.

Step 4: Poke a hole in each corner

Picture of Poke a hole in each corner

You should be able to use the end of the hanger to do this!

Make sure it's at least a half inch in from each edge and not too large.

Step 5: Tape the two hangers together

Picture of Tape the two hangers together

Cross the two hangers in the middle and make sure all the ends touch the surface you're working on. Tape them together really well so they don't shift.

Push the ends through the holes you just made in the corners.

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Iamtherealzim made it!5 months ago

I saw this and loved it! I used PEX tubing instead of the coat hangers though. I put 2" machine screws through the corners and then put the tube over the screws. I thought this would allow a bit more flexing when one cat attacks another through the side of the shirt! ^_^ Thanks for posting this!


Could you maybe take a picture of your structure? I'm really interested!

Here are some pictures of how I made my "cat tent". The screw in the corner is just there for the Pex tube to slide over, and then the tape holds it in place. I'm thinking of putting a screw and acorn nut (so it doesn't poke the cat or the shirt) in the middle since my cat likes to chew the tape that holds the two tubes together. :)

photo 1.JPGphoto 2.JPGphoto 4.JPGphoto 5.JPG
lcsavi4 months ago

This is great! I've just made one -- it's like a magnet for cats!

anatroccolo made it!4 months ago

I couldn't wait for my husband to come home and help me with cutting the wires so my tent is a bit askew, but still I like it a lot! Don't know if Mr Peabody is going to use it, I put a little treat in the tent, let's see if it works.

anatroccolo4 months ago

Love this project and as I have everything in the house I'm gonna make it for my cat. He's already thanking you! ^_^

prickly vegan4 months ago

Oh, your cats rock! Love the pictures. Thank goodness they were there to supervise you. ;P
I will definitely try this for my kind overlords. Thanks!

Rider Girl4 months ago
Great! I like the idea that u r using an old t-shirt :D
taspiaw made it!5 months ago

My kitty's a little too big for my luxury cat hotel but nevertheless, he will hide in there. Great 'tible!

photo (14).JPG
renelle67 taspiaw5 months ago

Maybe you could use 4 hangers and twist 2 each together and use an XL tshirt.

ccooper-burke5 months ago

Hmph. I may make one for myself! I'm a night owl, & read lying on my tummy, & while my hubby doesn't want me to leave the room (says he can't sleep, if I'm not there - how sweet is that?!?), I know my backlight (phone or tablet) isn't helping him sleep, either. I've tried reading under the blankets, but then I get too hot/claustrophobic. But, if I made this out of a nice, heavy weight t shirt, I could peek in through the neck & just cut a hole for my hand, to flip the pages &/or post, like this! Thank you!

Frmeyers5 months ago
Great idea. Your photos and notes are very clear and understandable.

Will be making two. Not sure how helpful my girls will be.

They usually lay down nearby to watch, supervise and critique.

I blame it all on the Egyptian for elevating them to gods.
tanders0104 made it!5 months ago
It only took me about 20 minutes to build. Now I just need my cat to use it. Oh but let a grocery bag hit the floor or anything else you don't want him in he's all over it.
14, 7:04 PM.jpg

I have the same problem with my cats. Anything that could be imagined for a cat is not interesting enough for mine. Elvis refuses to use anything I buy him... except for food! Elvis lays on the treadmill (it doesn't get much use, lol). The picture below is of Ebony who needs her own chair to lay on... with soft blankets.


If your kitty likes catnip, maybe try putting a little inside!?

foobear5 months ago

pure smart + art == you

jsndvn made it!5 months ago

Great idea, thank you - our (cat loves it.

Not exactly award-winning construction on my part, but I'll be redoing it once I get a chance, now that I know it's something she likes. We're moving home in a couple of weeks and this is coming with us to help her settle in and feel less stressed.


Paige Russell5 months ago

Such a great idea Jessy!

KROKKENOSTER5 months ago

For the cat people a good place for "Madam et Misieur"

HollyMann5 months ago


kcox145 months ago

Great instructable!! I've used the same concept, but with plastic, for an indoor "paint booth" for spray-painting model cars, etc., when it's too cold outside. This is a great way to re-purpose it after I don't need it anymore.

chabias5 months ago

OMG...Thanks for this! I buy the "cubicles" for cats at WM, and my bad cat, also named Luna (and my avatar), has tears in them in minutes. I have an abundance of metal hangers and t-shirts. She'll be in her glory!

genne5 months ago

I love your very sweet cat! A+ Instructable.

Great idea, and a well done Instructable! You have an awesome kitty too!

kodiwoedee5 months ago
A purrfect instructable & a Beautiful kitty!
hammer98765 months ago

One of the reasons I hate throwing away wire hangers. And old t-shirts.
Congrats on being featured!

fgeneral5 months ago

kit cat

nutgone5 months ago

Really good idea, I know I will be making one (or three!) for my cats. & I like that the T-shirt isn't destroyed in the process.

I guess you could change the design slightly as well, maybe put in a wood floor, stronger frame & hang it from a hook???

A few of my friends will be making these too, since I shared a link. This could be a new craze in the cat world.

rogue208 nutgone5 months ago

I agree on the wood floor. My cat is way too "big boned" for just card board, he would get getting out, so the heaviness of the wood floor wood benefit his robust figure.

rogue208 rogue2085 months ago

*stuck getting out lol

BigPeteCT5 months ago

Great use of materials around the house and those t-shirts that don't always get worn. Plus, it's easy to match and change for decoration.... Great Job!

agis685 months ago

cute cat, lovely idea

dan_xb5 months ago

Lovely Cat!! Clever!!

bclamore5 months ago

Gooood human!

Karinsart5 months ago

So clever! You've got my vote :-)

duckiesrforme5 months ago
Ah I found you! I saw your work on tumblr about how to take good picture tips and I remember your cat!
Attmos5 months ago

This is really cool. You know, I recently saw something like this on the net made for rats, which I thought was cool. I was going to post something like this but I'm glad you did. I had a much grander, totally excessive method in mind. This is really cool and it's very obvious, lol, that they love it. The shirt neck hole is genius, its exactly what cats crave, especially because it smells like you. Anyway, very cool.

Also, and this is the wrong place to say this, I've been looking through the food section for new things to make; you make the Best food instructables.

Anyway, nice work!

Lilymars5 months ago

This is lovely! What a terrific idea: uses all those "free" hangers & naff T-shirts -keeps my cat occupied too! Very clever...

DrAmpuT5 months ago

Could be used to keep a guard kitty around for streaking out and attacking the neighbor's dog when they attack your kids! Nice, simple project.

klewis10 DrAmpuT5 months ago

You saw that too! That was pretty good!

Love this t shirt idea and the ability to be able to remove it and wash it.

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