Introduction: DIY Catch Pot for Vacuum Bagging

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I needed a catch pot for resin for my carbon fiber and fiberglass project.  I tried to use a crappy food canister from VValmart but i failed on setting up the project.  10 bucks down the drain but what can you do.  I figured I would try a piece of PVC pipe with end caps and it has worked like a champ.

Step 1: Materials

-PVC pipe
-End Caps
-PCV Primer
-PCV Cement

Depending on your project you might need specific tubing, fittings, and etc. Which I will not be addressing here.

Step 2: First

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Drill holes in the end cap.  I drilled two and then remembered that I needed three.  One for in.  One for out.  And One for my pressure gauge.

Step 3: Prime & Glue the Parts

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Prime all the parts and glue them together.

Step 4: Thats It!!

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I mine is totally crappy.  I was so pissed that my first attempt didnt work I whipped this up and started using it.


bwpatton1 (author)2011-08-09

I was actually thinking about building one of these in the near future for a vacuum system in my chem lab. Have you had any implosions yet? I'm going to go ahead and wrap my entire vacuum system in some type of heavy tape in the event of implosion. Oh there I went, rambling on. Cool Instructable!

aceholder (author)bwpatton12011-08-09

No implosions yet! I did have to abandon this one as the resin filled up quick. Original was smaller diam, the new one has a 3 inch diam. This works well but I have to keep the vac on. Need to seal it tight.

bwpatton1 (author)aceholder2011-08-09

Have you ever tried to pull a deep vacuum on this container before? And if not then what kind of pressures are you working with, or should I say lack of pressure.

aceholder (author)bwpatton12011-08-10

My pump pulls 25 inches of Hg max. According to engineers tool box the pressure rating for Schedule 40 is in the 200 psi range, which should be no problem for a 25 inch vac.

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