DIY Cheap Waterproof LED Lamp


Introduction: DIY Cheap Waterproof LED Lamp

LED lamps are long lasting and very economical. But they are still expensive. Here's how I made a 12V LED lamp, using a LED strip and discarded plastic jar. The lamp costed less than $1 to make and is bright enough to read a book and light up a room!

Step 1: Parts

Here are the parts you need: plastic jar, wooden stick, some wire and LED tape. The LED tape is seld-adhesive, you can buy it on Ebay or any electronics store. In my case I used half a meter V-tac 3528 that costed $0.80

Step 2: Wrap the LED Strip

The LED strip is self-adhesive. Solder the wire to the end of the strip and wrapp the led strip around the wooden stick.

Step 3: Fixing the Stick

Fix the wooden stick to the cap with a screw. Run the wire through a hole on top. You can put some silicone on both places to make it waterproof.

Step 4: Testing the Lamp

Here's how the stick and the finished lamp glows into the dark. It consumes just 12V/135.5 mA! You can use it as 12V camping light attached to the car battery, or at home, with 12V adaptor.



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    7 Discussions

    One of those monster batteries would drive a handful of LEDs almost forever!

    I like the containers for kool aide and country time lemonade for my lamps.

    1 reply

    it would be great if you find one with yellowish touch - this way the light will look more natural.

    You can power those LED strips from a 9v battery, even though they are rated for 12v. They don't light at full magnitude, but they are still bright enough for a use such as this. You can attach a metal battery holder to the inside of the lid, and the srtip lights directly to the 9v battery clip.

    1 reply

    In fact I made later versions with matt white bottles like this one and it works even better - more compact and lighter.


    yes, or maybe one like this

    Ooh, nice! I like the spiral pattern in the last step! That would be a pretty cool lamp by itself. Although the plastic jar diffuses the light so it's much less glaring...

    Nice project!