Make your own customized iPhone case using a cross-stitchable iPhone case (win one of five kits). 

Step 1:

What you’ll need:  A cross-stitchable iPhone case, embroidery thread, a blunt needle, a Sharpie, a pair of scissors, and graph paper.
I saw these at Walmart when I was buying floss for stitching yesterday. Very cool
Cool. Hey, can you put the case on a metallic case that does not fit?!
trying to better understand your question, are you looking to put the cross-stitch case into another case that is already holding the phone?
to answer your question, I am looking to put the cross-stitch case onto another case that is already holding the phone.
So where do we get the case? I don't see it on your site.
it will be available for order on fairgoods.com very soon. what version of the iPhone do you have, 4 or 5?
Nice! Well, probably. I think the 5 version would be at the top of the list for now though.
(edit) probably both.
Great, we are carrying kits for both the iPhone 4 and 5. You will also have a choice in the color of the iPhone case, in either black or white. We'll follow up with a reply once it's on our site and available for order. Thanks for your interest, we will have more cross-stitch guides available soon!

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