Picture of DIY cross-stitched iPhone case
Make your own customized iPhone case using a cross-stitchable iPhone case (win one of five kits). 
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Step 1:

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What you’ll need:  A cross-stitchable iPhone case, embroidery thread, a blunt needle, a Sharpie, a pair of scissors, and graph paper.

Step 2:

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Use the graph paper and Sharpie to design whatever you want to stitch onto the case. Fill in the squares where stitches will go. Make sure you count how many holes wide and tall the case is before you start to make sure your design will fit. It will help to break down your image or logo into pixels. Try pic 2 pat for a free, easy conversion.

Step 3:

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Take your embroidery thread and cut 12 inches or more off. The thread is usually made up of six smaller threads. Gather three of the smaller threads and separate them. Use your needle for this if you’re having trouble.

Step 4:

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Tie a few knots at one end your new length of thread. Thread your needle through the other end.

Step 5:

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Take the needle and poke it through a hole in your iPhone case (starting from the back side), and pull it all the way through until the knot catches.

To stitch your pattern, make an overlapping “X” everywhere that you've colored in a square on your pattern. Note: When your thread is getting too short to keep stitching, put the needle to the rear side and thread it underneath what you just stitched, then cut it with your scissors.

Step 6:

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Keep going until your design is complete. It will take a while, but it’s worth it!

Step 7:

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We used Corey Holms’ Compunabula tyepface to create the Make case (right hand design).
jesucka871 year ago
I saw these at Walmart when I was buying floss for stitching yesterday. Very cool
DJCoopes1 year ago
Cool. Hey, can you put the case on a metallic case that does not fit?!
Fairgoods (author)  DJCoopes1 year ago
trying to better understand your question, are you looking to put the cross-stitch case into another case that is already holding the phone?
to answer your question, I am looking to put the cross-stitch case onto another case that is already holding the phone.
So where do we get the case? I don't see it on your site.
Fairgoods (author)  jsolterbeck1 year ago
it will be available for order on fairgoods.com very soon. what version of the iPhone do you have, 4 or 5?
Nice! Well, probably. I think the 5 version would be at the top of the list for now though.
(edit) probably both.
Fairgoods (author)  jsolterbeck1 year ago
Great, we are carrying kits for both the iPhone 4 and 5. You will also have a choice in the color of the iPhone case, in either black or white. We'll follow up with a reply once it's on our site and available for order. Thanks for your interest, we will have more cross-stitch guides available soon!