First of a all don't shoot this at any human or animal it will cause severe injuries. This is meant only to be used for shooting at targets for enjoyment not hunting. I will not be responsible for any injuries or damages caused by misuse of this or any accident caused by this. Use at your own risk. This Instructable shows a fast easy way to make a fun blowgun with little materials in under a half hour that will actually stick into wood . The one I made cost me nothing at all. 

Step 1: Materials

This should be simple
1. Duct tape
2. A pipe, the longer and skinnier the better
3. Some framing nails, 2-3"
4. A Dremel with a grinding tip or a file or any kind of sharpening tool (this is optional)
5. scissors
Dart guns are so much fun! I wish they weren't illegal in California. :(
they aren't illegal unless the cops find out...
exactly..... wait dart gun? I don't know what your talking about nobody has any dart guns here

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