This is my first instructable.Photos not so great sorry.
It is a simple DIY dibbler for lettuce.
I made it from scrap woods,and it took me less than an hour.
The main difference,from the dibblers that i have seen for sale,is that i used 2 thin woods in the side,for helping me keep straight lines and parralel lines.
It works better if the soil is moist.

Step 1: Materials/Tools

What you need:
1 - A piece of plank in the size you want,mine was 50cm x 15 cm,scap from an old bed
2 - 2 piece of wood for the side.They must be bigger than the main plank in length
3 - A round piece of wood,old wooden broomstick works perfect
4- A handle(metal,plastic or make a wooden one)
5- Woodglue or screws
6- A saw 
7- Protective coat(bio)

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