DIY Dish Beauty Simple With 10$





Introduction: DIY Dish Beauty Simple With 10$

DIY dish beauty simple with 10$

Step 1: Dimensioning Flash

Step 2: Cutting and Welding

Step 3: White and Black Painting

Step 4: Finish



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    2 years ago

    When I saw this I immediately thought of the lighted mirrors for applying makeup. Then there was no mirror, and it is a great diy.

    Great idea! I understand each step for the most part. A detailed 'what you will need' list would be helpful. Got overwhelmed at having to do the welding. For those who have a workshop set up and some good experience, text/detailed instructions may not be necessary. However, for novices like myself, it really is helpful.

    I like this visual instructable. No need for text really, pretty straight forward, which I believe the author was going for. If you're browsing this site, you shouldn't need instructions on this simple apparatus ;)

    I have no idea what that is.

    Just pictures, without words describing what is going on, are useless.

    The pictures are excellent though.

    Really could use some notes, like required materials, where you got them, what flash you were using, etc.


    Thank you for a great example of an Instructible done with pictures and practically no text.

    Also a good project for a photographer who needs a fill flash without buying expensive equipment. Great for shooting portraits or products.