I often go to big pet shops and look around at bits and peices, on this particular ocasion, i went to buy some dog toys. Unaware of the price they wanted, � a ball! � a rubber bone! well anyway i decided to skip the overpriced toys, and make some. Well i ad my inspiration and some base ideas, so i started to look around the house for things i could use.

Step 1: Fabric Rope Toy

For this toy, you will need:
6 fleece srtips(about 1.5m long) (2 colours if you like, it doesnt make a difference)
needle & tread or sewing machine

1. sew one end of the fabric strips together (alternating colours if you are using 2 colours)
2. plait the strips (2 strips per section) and leave enough fo tie in a knot
3. Tie a knot at both ends and in the middle
4. play :)
*Note this is quite strong my spaniel has yet to destroy it*
My dog plays too hard for those types of things. I'm honestly considering buying her a bowling ball or perhaps a tire to play with. : p
I have a Miniature Bull Terrier. I have gotten him a bowling ball, works great for a period of time but he plays so hard he bloodies his nose on it. I have also gotten the Jolly brand horse balls for him. He chews off the handle but I have made a tether ball type toy for him out of these and they work well. The Sweet potato toys described on this website are great for him. He will destroy all toys. He even chews the tops off Kongs.
Waterbottle and dog friendly food/treats<br><br>cut just below the tip or the waterbottle so theres a hole were food can fall out (if you just onscrew the cap the dog will give up and lose intrest) put the treats in, try to make it hard for the treats to get out! even put a toy in there if you have to! let the dog play with it (by tomarrow night, the waterbottle will be mostly empty and crushed flat) its a fun fetch toy too :)
Your dog is a springer, right? Because mine is too! Anyway, great ideas, and you have a point: dog toys are way too pricy...
yup shes a springer, and a rather soppy one at that lol
my friends dog tends to kill any toys...
Cool! Keep 'em coming!

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