Picture of DIY doorbell for your room
I found an old doorbell in the garage and decided to make my own personal doorbell for my room.  this is a  really easy project, and i took me like 5-10 minutes to do it.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

1.5-3v buzzer



AA or AAA 2-battery holder


soldering iron




nodoubtman2 years ago
you might add the um66 melody doorbell like i did for my front door :)
can anyone give me really cheap ideas for a security thing (just because im a geek dont mean im not a builder and it dont mean om not nice so dont cause me trouble)
go to thinkgeek.com they have a couple of cheap doorbells
buy,borrow or steal a GUN---good security
rhototiller4 years ago
I just wanted to point out that you got the wiring all wrong. Although it will work either way, the way to do this is to put the doorbell switch in between the positive (RED) wires thus controlling the positive flow of electrons. The way you have it done here constantly has a flow of power to the buzzer, whereas the power only hits the buzzer when the button is pushed if the switch is between the positive wires.
musick_08 (author)  rhototiller4 years ago
I realized that too after i finished putting it together, but since its only a 3v circuit i didn't really bother to fix it
Irene79994 years ago
It's a good project for a cheap wired doorbell.Though it can satisfy our sense of achievement of DIY,but for a higher security purpose,a video door phone is necessary.
techturtle25 years ago
I made a almost identiv=cal thing! check out my instructable :D http://www.instructables.com/id/A-Fast-Simple-Doorbell-For-Your-Bedroom/
i might make something like that for my room but i would add a couple bright blue or red LEDs to it so when i am playing my music loud i can see when some body rings it and maybe i could have a door bell on my door and one that is down stairs so when my mom want me to come down she just has to press it. good job and it can also be moddified. zippy
musick_08 (author)  zipzapper8595 years ago
I was thinking the same thing but I'm not sure where i would mount them yet
Doctor What5 years ago
 I loved doing these when I was a kid!  Simple circuits are fun for any age.
musick_08 (author)  Doctor What5 years ago
me too, i'm only 15, but i've been messing around with electronics since i was about 7.  i figured this would be great for people new to soldering or electronics
 It is great for beginners!
musick_08 (author)  Doctor What5 years ago
thanks i thought so too :)
milsorgen5 years ago
musick_08 (author)  milsorgen5 years ago
thanks :D