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Introduction: DIY Drill Press

I couldn't stand not having a drill press anymore. There are just some times when you really one. 

Original Design
I can't say that I came up with the design. I got my inspiration from: "Taladro Vertical Casero Homemade Drill Press". If you need plans, step by step directions see that link. I'll only post my version to show where I deviated from the original design.
The original design here:
There's even a Google Schetchup 3d model. Check it out. It's way cool.

My Drill Press
I won't give step by step directions because you will need to customize the design for your own drill. What I can do that will be helpful is give you the basic dimensions and parts list.

Dimensions: See pictures

Scrap wood: It certainly doesn't look pretty, but who cares it consistently drills straight. I used scrap wood and and parts from a can crusher I had no use for.
Bolts are 1/4 carriage bolt
Nuts: 1/4 lock nuts
Insert nut used for the mount (see close up pic of the mount)
The handle is just a 1.25 piece of PVC.
The two pieces of metal that you see going from the drill mount to the lever are one of those door arm bracket extenders I had lying around. Use what ever you come up with. 
Somepipe strap to fasten the drill to the mount.

The only gotcha I ran into was the drill mount broke because of pour wood choice. The first version was made of oak and it split along the grain when I attempted to tighten the mount bolt. The second version was made from a scrap piece of 13 ply baltic birch plywood. Birch being a harder wood was an improvement but the 13 layers in the plywood really added a lot of strength.



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    made similar device for my dremel for drilling pc boards works great. used 16 in draw slide and 1x4 wood and for retract action rubber bands. i can post pic if any one wants it.

    Sorry, I didn't t make plans because I did not come up with the original design. The plans can be found at this site: