With the new year just around the corner I decided to make an easy DIY calendar that will keep you organized on 2014!
It's simple, erasable and really easy to personalize!

You will need:

-A frame (I'm using DinA4 (20cmx30cm) size)
- A notebook page of the same size (or cut to fit the size)
- An acetate sheet (same size)
- A regular marker an ruler to draw the table

To decorate:

- Rhinestone stickers
- Velcro stick on tape

REMEMBER to use a WHITEBOARD MARKER to draw on the frame!!

The first thing you will need is a piece of notebook paper of the same size of the frame you're going to use.

Start drawing the pattern of the calendar leaving 1 cm free at the edges. You will need to draw 7 columns of the same size for the days of the week. And 5 rows one for each week.

You can also print this pattern if you find it easier.

Last, we will need to add a thinner row to write the days of the week.

Make sure that it fits perfectly in the frame and go ahead and transfer this design to an acetate sheet. To do this secure the two pieces with some clothes peg and carefully draw the lines.

Then write the names of the week.

Place the acetate in the frame, then a picture that you like and finally close the frame.
And your calendar will be complete.

I also decided to decorate the frame with some rhinestones and silver paper.

And so I don't lose the marker I attach it to the frame with some velcro stick on tape.
<p>very nice idea!!!!</p>

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