Operating a clothes dryer that is un-vented creates lots of condensation in the house. We are waiting for our laundry area to be renovated and needed to vent the dryer to the exterior whilst keeping the heat from escaping from the house (it's winter now)

Step 1: Attaching Vent Duct

1. Measure external diameter of vent orifice in the front (or back) of dryer
2. Buy a duct hose from hardware store of the same diameter
3. Cut a hole in a piece of cardboard or styrofoam at least a centimeter thick, orientating the hole to the orifice on the front of the machine. Make two pieces of this.
4. Attach the boards to either ends of the duct
5. On the Machine end, attach lightly but securely with Blu-tac in each corner. It is important not to have an air tight seal as this is not a purpose built solution and may void the gaurantee of your machine
6. Lead the other end out of the door
If this is for a dryer operating on gas (propane or natural gas) then you MUST be sure to properly vent it.&nbsp; The burned fumes contain carbon monoxide, which is a colorless, odorless and DEADLY&nbsp;gas.&nbsp; Not an issue for an electric dryer though.&nbsp; Too many people die each year from CO&nbsp;poisoning, be safe and vent it properly.<br />

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