Introduction: DIY Emergency Mic for Pc and Laptops

It's so easy,

let's begin.

Step 1: Soldering and Gluing

you will need ....

01. 3.5mm audio jack (male)

02. Copper coil

03. Condenser Mic (radio shack)

04. Soldering iron

05. Hot glue gun

Step 2: You're Done !

see you with another instructable..

thank you...


metalshiflet made it!(author)2014-02-19

I don't really see the advantage of this. Could you explain for me?

ishan+udyoga made it!(author)2014-02-19

suddenly your pc mic was breakdown . you can use this gadget.. and just for fun.. :D

metalshiflet made it!(author)2014-02-25

But it's not that much cheaper than a cheap mic, and you are more likely to be able to get a cheap mic than to build this. It's kind of a mislabel. You usually don't have a soldering iron in an emergency

tankapotamus made it!(author)2016-09-11

Well that's not exactly true. It's hard to say what tools someone would have in an emergency. I would have a soldering iron 80% of the time. This is a good example of using what you may have on hand to fix a problem until you can get a proper replacement. I'm making one now, with a soldering iron, do to an emergency.

Aditya+M made it!(author)2014-03-27

cool,i would try

ishan+udyoga made it!(author)2014-04-02


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