Picture of DIY extra window insulation using bubble wrap
 DIY extra window insulation using bubble wrap.

 This was inspired by an article on BuildItSsolar.com 



 This is one method of a semi permanent fixing of bubble wrap to UPVC window units and my not be suitable for your style of window.

I have only done this on a frosted window as the reduction in visibility is not an issue.

Images show after & before.

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Step 1: What you will need

Picture of What you will need
A knife & sissers to trim the bubble wrap edges.
A scraper to prise out glass retaining strips & rubber weather strips.
A clean window.

Bubble wrap - not shown but it needs to be measured so that it is slightly larger than the glass with an inch or so to spare.

Step 2: Remove internal retaining strips

Picture of Remove internal retaining strips
First remove all the external rubber weather strips (prise them up with the scraper then pull them out gently).

Gently push the glass towards the outside, it will not fall out as the hole in the frame on the outside is smaller than the glass size (Check that you windows are like this before starting).
It only needs to move a bit to allow the removal of the internal retaining strips.

 Using the scraper push one of the side retaining strip forward so it snaps out of it groove (2 of the strips would have been fitted last need to come out first - they should be the ones with the 45 degree mitered ends.

Step 3: Fit the bubblewrap

Picture of Fit the bubblewrap
Once all 4 retaining strips have been removed place the bubble wrap bubble side down onto the glass, it will stick a bit if the window is damp.

Trim any excess so that it covers the whole sheet of glass.
If you have any large gaps between the glass and the frame fill them with excess bubble warp but be sure not to have it showing on the out side of the glass.
DrChill1 month ago

This works and is especially appropriate for privacy.

Bubble Wrap Insulation WORKS! There are easier and fancier ways to apply it, so do some searches before commencing. But no kidding, it really does save on energy consumption!
kc8hps3 years ago
I just posted a similar window, nice job.

guinness0001 (author)  kc8hps3 years ago

Your frame method looks easy to remove, I haven't cleaned my windows for ages..

I would now recommend putting some silica Gel at the bottom as I have started to get slight condensation build up between the glass & wrap.

Watch out for black mold, keep it under control with bleach.

rsingh34 years ago
I love this! Do you know how this would hold up to a blower door test? Georgia now requires them and I have a company coming over to preform it, and I wonder if this would help my rating. These are the guys that are doing it if that helps: http://www.americanenergysolutionsinc.com thanks!
scoochmaroo4 years ago
Ha, very clever!