Introduction: DIY "for the Fun of It" Death Ray (part 1)

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Sometimes you need to let you inner mad scientist out and make a Death Ray. Sometimes you need a fun little project that is just about letting loose and experimenting. sometimes yo have a whole bunch of old stuff you need to get rid of. If any of these statements describe you, then you have just found the perfect instructable!

*photo of the "plan"

I used:

scrap wood
wood glue
a bandsaw
spray paint, and a spray booth

Step 1: Scavenge...

Picture of Scavenge...

I found all of the wood used for my project in the wood scrap bin here at TechShop in San Jose. Scrap wood is great! It is recycling at its best, and it is a wonderful to creatively take out the trash.

Once I had an interesting pile of wood, I stated configuring it into interesting ways to make what was fun and pleasing to me. I did a couple of cuts with a band saw, which can also be found in the wood shop at TechShop. I had started on my death ray...

Step 2: GLUE!!!!

Picture of GLUE!!!!

I then used wood glue and clamps to attach all of my pieces of wood together. Once the glue was dry, I did some light sanding to make make all of the pieces sit flush together

Step 3: Painting

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I then painted a primer coat onto my wood using spray paint and a spray booth. This has given me a nice clean piece of material that I can further customize in....

STEP 2!!! (coming soon)


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