its that time of yeer agan. save for the holiday seeson, rite aroun the corner. So wen you look around reelizing you have no guitar picks and your to cheep (or lazy) to go to town, wat do you do? Luckily for you help is on the way! unluckily for you it got delayed. so your stuck with me insteed!

Step 1: Matereals

all youll need is.......
1. strong sissors
4.guitar pick
5.old credit or gift card

Step 2: Trasing

put the guitar pick on top of the card and trase.......hardest step rite?

Step 3: Cutting It Out

this is actully pretty tricky. first you HAVE to cut on the line and stayin on it is kinda diffucult. you may want to cut a little bit bigger and trim it up later.

Step 4: Trimin It Up

this is like the truble shooting and fixing stage. to big then trim it.... if its to lite you can trase it and cut that out and glue 'em together. The nise thing about this is that you can make it any shape you want.

NOTE: the peepole that make these ar pros with big fancy machines!!! sins you dont yours wont always be perfect!!! the won in this foto ended up lookin kinda lame. it still plays just fine!!

Step 5: Filein.....filin....felin.....

this is is the step wer youll use those files. just smooth th edged and round the corners.

NOTE(AGAN): nail files work to!!!

Step 6: Outta Here!!!

yelp, we are DONE!!!! now go use that cheep, good (or maybe its good, cheep.....) pick!! feel free to post any ideas on the comments! no, reely do post on the comments......plees......

NOTE: I did NOT invent this

NOTE AFTER THE NOTE: enjoy your pick :)
your intro is wrong it says that you have "no guitar picks" don't you need 1 guitar pick, and your cutting is very bad but it is a cheap way to get picks, so that one is true
DIY Guitar Picks<br/><br/>Intro: DIY Guitar Picks<br/><br/>It&#8217;s that time of year again. Save for the holiday season, right around the corner. So when you look around realizing that you have no guitar picks and you&#8217;re too cheap (or lazy) to go to town, what do you do? Luckily for you help is on the way! Unluckily for you it got delayed. So you&#8217;re stuck with me instead.<br/><br/>Step One:<br/><br/>All you&#8217;ll need is.......<br/><br/>1. Strong scissors<br/>2. Marker<br/>3. File<br/>4. Guitar pick<br/>5. Old credit or gift card<br/><br/>Step Two: Tracing<br/><br/>Put the guitar pick on top of the card and trace.......hardest step right?<br/><br/>Step Three: Cutting it out<br/><br/>This is actually pretty tricky. First you HAVE to cut on the line and staying on it is kind of difficult. You may want to cut a little bit bigger and trim it up later.<br/><br/>Step Four: Trimming it up<br/><br/>This is the trouble shooting and fixing stage. If it&#8217;s too big then trim it. If it&#8217;s to light, you can trace it and cut that out and glue them together. The nice thing about this is that you can make it any shape you want.<br/><br/>NOTE: the people that make these are pros with big fancy machines. Since you don&#8217;t yours won&#8217;t always be perfect. The one in this photo ended up looking kind of lame, but it still plays just fine.<br/><br/>Step Five: Filing, filing, filing<br/><br/>This is the step where you&#8217;ll use those files. Just smooth the edges and round the corners.<br/><br/>NOTE: (AGAIN) Nail files work too.<br/><br/>Step Six: We&#8217;re Out of here<br/><br/>We are DONE! Now go use that cheap, good (or maybe its good, cheap) pick! Feel free to post any ideas on the comments. No, really do post on the comments... please ...<br/><br/>NOTE: I did NOT invent this.<br/><br/>NOTE AFTER THE NOTE: Enjoy your pick :)<br/><br/><ul class="curly"><li>* * * *</li><br/></ul>There, I fixed it for you<br/>
ok yes i do hav spelin problems but i MENT to spel picks like pix..... looks cooler!!! but thanks i get th point.... :)
Sorry, it's not nice looking or even okay to spell like this. You need to use spellcheck and proofread your 'ables.
o and its suposed to be outta here...... you in the gramer polise group?
&nbsp;It's Tracing and trace. Just saying :P
good job<br />
seriously who really gives a $#!* about the grammer you know what he was talking about quit yer bitchen and tell him he did a good job or a bad job &lt;br /&gt;DAMN people are so stupid hey man good job with the pix i dont use pics i got used to playing without them but it was still a good instructable&lt;br /&gt;<br/>
Yo i like the way u think!!!
I used to do this a long time ago, but I never needed to file the edges. after making a pick, have a quick practice session with it, and it will naturally wear down a bit.
Fix the grammar. Like timheppner did.

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