Picture of DIY hand soap
This simple DIY will have yourself a bottle of amazing smelling hand soap!
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Step 1: Soap Bar

Picture of Soap Bar
The first thing you will need is a soap bar of your choice.

Step 2: Shower Gel

Picture of Shower Gel
You will also need shower gel or any liquid bath product.

Step 3: Cup of water

Picture of Cup of water
You will need water to make the soap bar melt faster. Warm water will work better. There is no exact measurement.

Step 4: Bottle

Picture of Bottle
Get a empty bottle when all the products are mixed. There will be some soap bar chunks but it will melt over time and keep the smell in.

Step 5: Fill up bottle

Picture of Fill up bottle
You are done your delicious smelling hand soap!

Step 6:

seamster11 months ago

Nice project, thanks for sharing!

Cool idea!! :)