Introduction: DIY Dive Rig for GoPro, Actionpro X7 or Any Other Action Camera

DYI Dive Rig, build from common PVC materials used for electricity piping.
Can be used with any action camera that have standard tripod connection or instead of that, the provided clamps can be glued to the rig as well.

All work will take about 10 minutes including preparation and cleaning. Total costs under 10 EUR.

Based on Martin Els idea:

After testing it, realised that handles are too long, so I removed the extra pipe for the handles. Updated version can be seen in the thumbnail.


Jun YiT (author)2017-07-23

hi, does it make the gopro too floaty?

Ninjutzu (author)Jun YiT2017-11-06

I did not care that much about positive buoyancy, anyway I moved to milled aluminium stock option as nowadays they are very cheap. You can find them on ebay under name "Aluminium Alloy Diving Handle Stabilizer Grip Bracket for Gopro"

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