Hello, I'm David and in this instructable I'll show how I made this hexapod whose name is Hexdrake.

Since I was 16 I became interested in electronic and later in robotics. After getting some level and programming skills using arduino I decided to build a robot something more interesting than a simple robot with two wheels . I liked the idea of having a hexapod but did not have much money to buy one.

So I built a low cost 2DOF hexapod made with hand-cut wood and Sg90 servos.

Step 1: Parts Needed

<p>where are the pattern files?</p>
<p>wait wait wait.Wheres the code?</p>
How did you link torobot to arduino?
<p>Hey Im not sure if your still willing to update this instructable at all.. But I was wondering if you could please add some more details about the chassis. </p><p>For example, which piece is A,B,C, ect. How do they all fit together? I know that there are photos, but they're not very clear due to photo quality/all the black pieces.</p><p>Thank you!</p>
<p>This is really wonderful,</p><p>I would like to translate your work into another language.</p><p>Can you please provide me with the PCB files of the eyes and the remote controller?</p><p>Here is my email [nihon.sahli@gmail.com]</p><p>Thank you very much in advance.</p>
bro can it produce same microsecond signal as a remote transmitter<br><br><br>ie <br><br>in company made transmitter the joystick channel varies from 1000-2000 micro second<br><br><br>can it produce like that...
bro can it produce same microsecond pulse as in any other 6 channel remote..... ie when we shift the gear it runs from1000 to 2000 micro second...
<p>can i use a buck converter rather than the UBEC 8A/15A Voltage Regulator</p>
<p>amigo me puedes mandar una gu&iacute;a del tama&ntilde;o de las piezas y diagrama de flujos por favor le agradecer&iacute;a.</p>
Mi correo fabianandres59@hotmail.com
<p>wy do you have to use a library? i read the 4 page datasheet and its extremly easy to use and understand!</p>
<p>hey, un proyecto alucinante. Me ha cautivado tanto que lo estoy haciendo. Y por ah&iacute; le&iacute; que ESPA&Ntilde;OL, por eso escribo en espa&ntilde;ol y no en ingles.</p><p>Estoy teniendo muchos problemas con el codigo final, ser&aacute; que me puedes enviar los archivos de arduino te lo agradecer&iacute;a infinitamente. [metalero_77@hotmail.com]</p><p>Gracias de antemano</p><p>Hexadrake rules !!!</p>
<p>Omg! It's amazing! *_*</p>
<p>hello will be vque could send me only the CODIG servo motor movements . to email bruno.b_alberto@hotmail.com</p>
<p>Hello, I really enjoyed reading about your project. I was hoping that I would be able to achieve some of the same things. I was hoping you could send me your body part dimensions to help guide me as I really enjoyed the look of your project.</p><p>Thank you!</p>
<p>hi Deividmaxx<br>im new in this page and your project is amazing!!<br>i really love it.</p><p>i need to ask...</p><p>can you share your circuit and body parts templates?</p><p>i really want make my own hexapod and your design is great for free time project.</p><p>thanks for your post and congrats!!</p>
<p>nice work =D if possible please send your code in sharifshawal@yahoo.com </p>
<p>Nice Ible</p>
<p>That is crazy ! I love it ...amazing work !</p><p>I'm shaking my head ....excellent !</p><p>Build_it_Bob</p>
<p>What kind of wooden board was used? It looks like particle board but it is difficult to tell.</p>
<p>bonjour</p><p>je voudrais savoir si tu pouvais mettre un lien pour le code arduino</p>
<p>first EPIC! 2ed can it be trend into a defends bot / small alltetran velical ? ( sorry for spelling ) ? </p>
What kind of electrolytic capacitors and slide switch are on the eye control board? They don't seem to be in the parts list.
<p>I feel this instructable really captures the ethos of this site. You managed to put together this really intricate machine with hand-cut wood, no need for 3-d printing or cnc cutters, just good old DIY'ing. Not to say those are bad, because they are awesome, just the spirit of those on the cheap builds really moves me. You really deserve this, I was rooting for you from the beginning, and am so glad you won. Keep on building! You Rock!</p>
<p>Thank you :)))</p>
I am getting the exact same servos as what you used but I am having difficulty with making the templates. Do you have dimensions or AutoCAD files?
<p>Well deserved win!</p>
<p>Has your cat attacked it yet? (; </p>
<p>Not yet. :) jaja</p>
<p>Very nice. You could also add a camera to it!</p>
<p>Thanks you. I had not thought about adding a camera but I think it would be a bit tricky due to the small size and limited space of the hexapod haha.</p>
<p>Y Espa&ntilde;ol!! Orgullo patrio. Si se&ntilde;or. Good job. Amazing project. Very nice finish. I wish I had more free time to build this. And you also invested time in a pretty nice storage box, awesome!!</p>
<p>Siii jajaaj. Gracias</p>
<p>Congrats on the HackADay.com write up. Good work on your hexapod. I might have to fire up my scollsaw and build this thing.</p>
<p>Thank you :)</p>
<p>Congrats on the HackADay.com write up. Good work on your hexapod. I might have to fire up my scollsaw and build this thing. You wouldn't happen to be adding a third dimention to these legs are you. I think maybe a standard size servo would be able to handle the up and down movement of these legs.</p>
<p>I upload a new video :)</p>
<p>Hello excellent job of hexapod, be so kind as to send hexapod design to my email. techsdata@hotmail.com, thank you very much .. the greetings.</p><p>thanks</p>
<p>Dude, good work on doing all this by hand ie No laser cutting or CNC'ing, The red edging on the black legs instantly drew me to this. Awesome work!</p>
<p>Please upload a video of it in action!</p>
<p>Hello are in steep 7, but I leave here the links ....</p><p><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YMuhP6cBas" rel="nofollow">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YMuhP6cBas</a></p><p><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF-xCvleJIU" rel="nofollow">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF-xCvleJIU</a></p>
<p>I like to see somebody not using a CNC machine and taking pleasure in their work!! Well done!!</p>
<p>Fantastic project. Any chance that you could post the actual autocad file as I would like to cut the parts on my cnc router. Thank you.</p>
<p>The CAD file is only for reference. The parts are not drawn with the real measurements of the paper patterns, that are the originals.</p>
<p>This is an excellent project. Would you mind posting the CAD files for those with LASER cutters? I would like to build several with my engineering class.</p>
<p>Hey eric, maybe David could benefit from your LASER cutter?</p>
<p>Absolutely. I would happily cut him a set of parts for the files.</p>
<p>The CAD file is only for reference. The parts are not drawn with the real measurements of the paper patterns, that are the originals.</p>
<p>amazing!!! this robot is just the greatest. I triple voted for you.</p><p>I love the fact that you used only 9g servos that really is quite remarkable </p><p>please consider posting this robot on letsmakerobots. </p><p><a href="http://letsmakerobots.com/" rel="nofollow">http://letsmakerobots.com/</a> </p>

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