Picture of DIY head lamp
i already have one of these, but its starting to die, so i decided to make my own.
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Step 2: The stuff

you need a case
9v battery
some wire
9v adapter thing...
old pcb or strip board. 
10k ohm resistor (i salvaged mine from another old pcb)

Step 4: Circutry

Picture of circutry
its more difficult but you can use an old piece of PCB if its free of copper coating, and yes strip board does work better

Step 6: LED's

the one i showed in the parts picture i use all the time and i wasn't sure i wanted to give it up, and then i found a few old laser pointer things that had a little light on them, i saved these, the battery's where dead so my teacher was throwing them away!

Step 10: Head gear

for some strange reason girls like to do there hair, even more of a mystery is why they do it in the boys bathroom, granted there's a bigger mirror but still...
those little hair band thingy's make great high durability rubber bands.
apparently they all have specific names for there's sizes! i don't think i will ever understand women
thebear11 year ago
nice work thanks for shareing