This incredibly simple process shows how to use the bottom cap in a Rock Shox steerer tube as the bottom of a headset locker like the Azonic Headlock (http://www.oneal.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=2_19&products_id=590) or USE Safe-T (http://www.use1.com/products/safe-t/).

My new Pike's steerer tube had a cap in the bottom with a threaded hole the same size as a standard headset bolt (M6).

Required parts (in addition to headset, stem, spacers, etc.):
M6 threaded rod (shortest I could buy was 3 feet)
M6 coupler nut
Total cost ~$5.

I don't know if any or all other current Rock Shox forks have this same kind of cap as well.

Step 1: Thread the Rod to Measure Proper Length

I threaded the rod through the bottom of the steerer tube until half an inch or so was protruding out the top of the tube. This took some time; I could have done an initial estimation of length and initial cut, but didn't.
would you know how to service rock shox boxxers..?
I don't, but you might check over at enduro.&nbsp; They sell aftermarket fork seals&nbsp;(really really great quality), and have many pictorial fork servicing instuctions.<br />
i have a Chris king headset too !!! xcept its blue do you also have the hubs they sound great but they are just a wee bit too pricey nice instructable...!

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