Step 2: Cutting your ammo pouch

Picture of Cutting your ammo pouch
Okay kiddies, time for FUN WITH LEATHER!

...no, not THAT kind of fun with leather, that's another site that takes your credit card info before you see the good stuff. Its all free here! Anyways...

Take that scrap of leather I told you that you would need in the intro and... WHAT? You don't have it yet? Fine, we'll all wait for to get your bit of leather and come back.

. . .

...are we all set? Good. Take that 2" x 3" rectangle of leather and cut it into a crude diamond pattern, like so. This shape will give you the deepest pocket for shot once you shoot this thing for a few weeks and the leather starts to stretch out in the middle.

Punch some holes a little bit smaller than the outside diameter of your tubing at each end of your pouch about 3/8" from the edge of the leather. This will give you a bit of leather to fold over itself to strengthen the pouch where you'll tie your tubing.
smokehill1 year ago

If at all possible, it's better to make those holes with an actual leather punch, since with round holes it's far less likely to tear the leather after a lot of use and wear.

You can always reinforce whatever hole you make with a grommet, of course, for superior strength. Once you find a pouch you're happy with, it's probably easier to just go ahead and make a few of them while you have all the stuff together. Keep them with your little box of ammunition, along with the extra surgical tubing you're going to need when the first one breaks or just dies from old age.

skimmo4 years ago
box cutters do a great job on leather