DIY - How to Make a Spare Key From Soda Bottle




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Introduction: DIY - How to Make a Spare Key From Soda Bottle

The tension wrench provided by this is my first prototype of plastic spare key, it works. From a soda bottle to the Ultimate product, please go to



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    i lost a key to a commercial washer coin box.,help

    So let me see if I got this straight...


    Australia:  $10
    Canada:   $4
    Walmart:  $0.10
    K.S.A.:       $1.30
    fortunare's hometown:  $0.79

    What I learned from all this: Get your real keys made at Walmart or fortunare's. Don't buy keys in Australia. Zaphod Beeblebrox likes pudding (or just likes saying the word "pudding"). Xacto knives are like 5 bucks for a set of 3 (blades included). And when reading the comments section for any site, no matter what the post is on, you'll always, ALWAYS find somebody who has a problem with it.
    I like the satisfaction of acquiring know-how, even if it's for something impractical or just for fun. At the very least, somebody could incorporate this into a cool spy movie!!

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    "And when reading the comments section for any site, no matter what the post is on, you'll always, ALWAYS find somebody who has a problem with it."

    Ain't that the truth!

    Back to the topic at hand, you might need to anneal street sweeper bristles before bending then into a tension wrench or they may break. Hold the bristle with pliers and heat the section to be bent with a flame (only takes a second or two with a propane torch), let it cool then do your bending. If the bristles are used they will be really cruddy, so clean/scrape/scrub/sand them thoroughly before sticking 'em into any lock you care about.

    Also Most Windshield wiper blades contain a nice piece of steel that can be ground down to make a nice turning wrench.

    in Canada, it costs $1.5 for the knife((3blades included) which is similar with the Xacto knife in dollar store.

    Will this process work with aluminum/sheet metal?

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    Yes, thin soda can like Aluminum.
    If too thick the key will not fit in the Key way.

    In theory would you be able to make a new key for a lock that you have a similar key for, like my grandfathers luggage, in this way? I would love to be able to have a key for it.

    thats just gunna get stuck in the lock, its a lot easier to just pay 10 cents for a spare at walmart

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     i'd really like to see a receipt for this alleged $.10 key copy. they are at least a dollar most places these days, usually more.

    Yeah, in Aus, a (bad) blank key for $1 is a good price, then expect to pay ~$10 for the actual cutting, if not more.

     Wow, that's insanely expensive, it's maybe 3-4 bucks including cutting in Canada.

    WOW, here in the USA, last time I went to go make copies of the bathroom keys at my work, I got 3 keys made, and it was only like, $2.50.

    most things are.

    Video games that sell in the US for $40 sell for $110 in Aus.

    Programmable chips (MCUs) sell for $2.60 - $4 in the US and $15 in Aus.

     I K.S.A i pay $1.3 a key cutting any key except those need programing.
    And I purchase XBOX 360 Games for $4.05 anyone including recent releases

    Yes, I was also wondering how a key copy could ever cost $.10. Even a nickel doesn't have as much metal than in a key copy, in addition to the energy used to manufacture a copy.

    Sweet! How long does it last? My dad always looses his keys, this could help him out a great deal. Thanks for posting this.

    Just happened across your instructable, and I find this ridiculously useful. My coworkers are constantly losing the keys to the forklifts at work, making me unable to do my job about half the time.

    1 plastic bottle later and I have my own spare key. Illegal? Probably. But increases productivity!