The tension wrench provided by http://www.avoidlockedout.com. this is my first prototype of plastic spare key, it works. From a soda bottle to the Ultimate product, please go to https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-plastic-spare-key-copy-a-key-in-minu/
i lost a key to a commercial washer coin box.,help
<p>awesome , thnks</p>
So let me see if I got this straight...<br /> <br /> PRICE OF KEY DUPLICATING ACROSS&nbsp;THE&nbsp;GLOBE:<br /> <br /> Australia:&nbsp; $10<br /> Canada:&nbsp;&nbsp; $4<br /> Walmart:&nbsp; $0.10<br /> K.S.A.:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; $1.30<br /> fortunare's hometown:&nbsp; $0.79<br /> <br /> What I learned from all this: Get your real keys made at Walmart or fortunare's. Don't buy keys in Australia. Zaphod Beeblebrox likes pudding (or just likes saying the word &quot;pudding&quot;). Xacto knives are like 5 bucks for a set of 3 (blades included). And when reading the comments section for any site, no matter what the post is on, you'll always, ALWAYS find somebody who has a problem with it. <br /> I like the satisfaction of acquiring know-how, even if it's for something impractical or just for fun. At the very least, somebody could incorporate this into a cool spy movie!!<br /> <br />
&quot;And when reading the comments section for any site, no matter what the post is on, you'll always, ALWAYS find somebody who has a problem with it.&quot;<br /> <br /> Ain't that the truth!<br /> <br /> Back to the topic at hand, you might need to anneal street sweeper bristles before bending then into a tension wrench or they may break. Hold the bristle with pliers and heat the section to be bent with a flame (only takes a second or two with a propane torch), let it cool then do your bending. If the bristles are used they will be <strong>really</strong> cruddy, so clean/scrape/scrub/sand them thoroughly before sticking 'em into any lock you care about.<br />
Also Most Windshield wiper blades contain a nice piece of steel that can be ground down to make a nice turning wrench.
in Canada, it&nbsp;costs $1.5 for the knife((3blades included) which is similar&nbsp;with&nbsp;the&nbsp;Xacto knife in dollar store.
Will this process work with aluminum/sheet metal?
Yes, thin soda can like Aluminum. <br>If too thick the key will not fit in the Key way.
In theory would you be able to make a new key for a lock that you have a similar key for, like my grandfathers luggage, in this way? I would love to be able to have a key for it.
thats just gunna get stuck in the lock, its a lot easier to just pay 10 cents for a spare at walmart<br />
&nbsp;i'd really like to see a receipt for this alleged $.10 key copy. they are at least a dollar most places these days, usually more.
Yeah, in Aus, a (bad) blank key for $1 is a good price, then expect to pay ~$10 for the actual cutting, if not more.<br />
&nbsp;Wow, that's insanely expensive, it's maybe 3-4 bucks including cutting in Canada.
WOW, here in the USA, last time I went to go make copies of the bathroom keys at my work, I got 3 keys made, and it was only like, $2.50.
most things are. <br /> <br /> Video games that sell in the US for $40 sell for $110 in Aus.<br /> <br /> Programmable chips (MCUs) sell for $2.60 - $4 in the US and $15 in Aus.<br />
&nbsp;I K.S.A i pay $1.3 a key cutting any key except those need programing.<br /> And I purchase XBOX 360 Games for $4.05 anyone including recent releases
Yes, I&nbsp;was also wondering how a key copy could ever cost $.10. Even a nickel doesn't have as much metal than in a key copy, in addition to the energy used to manufacture a copy.<br />
Sweet! How long does it last? My dad always looses his keys, this could help him out a great deal. Thanks for posting this.
Just happened across your instructable, and I find this ridiculously useful. My coworkers are constantly losing the keys to the forklifts at work, making me unable to do my job about half the time. <br> <br>1 plastic bottle later and I have my own spare key. Illegal? Probably. But increases productivity!
Great Job!
your mom goes to collage<br>
collage. n.<br> 1.a. An artistic composition of materials and objects pasted over a surface, often with unifying lines and color.<br> b. A work, such as a literary piece, composed of both borrowed and original material.<br> 2. The art of creating such compositions.<br> 3. An assemblage of diverse elements: a collage of conflicting memories.<br><br>How can anybody go there?
Haha, nice
Why waste time to save 79 cents which makes a strong key. &nbsp;I always scarry a spare metal car key in my wallet. &nbsp;They once sold breakable plastic keys for $5 to keep in your wallet. &nbsp;Use you time better. &nbsp;&nbsp;
I could see it being very useful for college students living in dorms.&nbsp;Dorm &nbsp;keys commonly say &quot;Do Not Copy&quot; on them.
As if the pimply faced high school kid running the key cutting machine pays any attention to the &quot;DO&nbsp;NOT&nbsp;DUPLICATE&quot; message on a key.&nbsp; On the off chance he does you can usually slip them a dollar to disregard it.<br />
On many different occaisions I&nbsp;have tried to have &quot;do not copy&quot; inscribed keys copied.&nbsp; I have always been turned away.&nbsp; I have been turned away in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Biloxi&nbsp;and Denver.<br /> I would not assume that you can just slip someone a dollar.
Depends on the store and the clerk; IF they have the blank and IF the clerk doesn't care and IF the blank isn't registered/restricted. Some blanks can only be obtained by franchisees-who won't endanger their investment by cutting unauthorized keys. The &quot;do not copy&quot; stamp means nothing by itself.
All I'm saying is I've done it in numerous times all over Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and Arkansas. The hardware stores seem to be a little stricter than a big box wannabe department store (Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target etc.)
Well, if it's truly a restricted blank, the only way you're gonna copy it is if you're skilled with a milling machine!
and why knitting a sweater if you can buy one waaay cheaper...<br /> or why making any of the stuff on this site if you can buy them.....<br /> <br /> i think it's great to have a key without leaving home :P<br />
&quot;and why knitting a sweater if you can buy one waaay cheaper...&quot;<br /> <br /> Because you will not get the same satisfaction and sense of achievement from actually creating the sweater your self.<br /> <br /> &quot;or why making any of the stuff on this site if you can buy them.....&quot;<br /> <br /> I&nbsp;think I can speak for most of the people that visit this site on a regular basis, when you actually create something from nothing you learn how things are made and even improve on the creation, you then can then help others to create, I know when I create something I get so much more out of the experience then if I actually bought it from a store, I see the creation in a whole new light because I MADE&nbsp;IT&nbsp;MY&nbsp;SELF, I&nbsp;KNOW&nbsp;HOW&nbsp;IT&nbsp;WORKS!, naturally gratitude comes with the whole process. Try creating something that you can buy from a store something complex and see if you don't have more of an attachment to the one you created. <br />
i know, i'm a knitter!!! <br /> i totally disagreed with tbm13!!! handmade stuff is allways 100 times better<br /> i wouldn't be subscribed to this site if i don't like to make stuff.<br /> <br /> i was tring to respnd to him in a sarcastic (or wathever) way. (sorry for the confussion i could have created!!!)<br /> <br /> <em>i guess my english is not as good as i thought :(</em><br />
Your English was spot on.&nbsp; ;)<br /> <br /> Cartman says &quot;WHATEVA!&nbsp; I do what I want&quot;&nbsp; <br />
Oh OK that's great, I too am sorry about the confusion.<br />
Really, people, use your brains! DIY's aren't for you to save money or time, they're for your fun and enjoyment, and for you to gain a little knowledge on how things work. If you really hate DIY's that bad, people, maybe you shouldn't be reading them or even be on instructables. Kye37's got some sense here. . .<br />
did you read my response? <br /> i don't want to be hated here :(<br />
yeah, but i was sort of responding to Kye37's comment, not necessarily yours. This is for all the noobs that think they're to cool to make something themselves, not 4 u. Sorry about that<br />
ummmm isn't this a DIY and that's why we read these things ... cuz we have time on our hands to do other things. &nbsp; t&nbsp; What the hell, nice job, keymaker.&nbsp; It may come in handy sometime.&nbsp; Who the hecks knows?&nbsp; Richard Dean Anderson may a small bit of pocket change doing some of these 79 cent things and people actually kept coming back.&nbsp; ;)<br />
You are all forgetting the obvious nefarious applications...not that anyone here would need that information.&nbsp; Information is always good though.<br />
'Cause... some keys say do not duplicate...<br />
yeah, exactly some organizational keys say do not duplicate.&nbsp; this would probably also work for a PO box.&nbsp;&nbsp; I don't think I have the same sense of security with a PO&nbsp;box anymore,&nbsp; but I guess that would wear out fairly quickly be a good loaner for a friend to check your mail.<br />
&nbsp;good point. I used to live in apartment with swimming pool keys...5 bucks for a replacement!
I'd love to get such cheap keys - &nbsp;I recently needed a new key for my mailbox and paid $15 (!).<br />
with a soda bottol you can make like 15 keys fore difrent things
It's not always about saving time or money.&nbsp; I appreciate an alternative view of the situation.&nbsp; A different angle can sometimes be all you need to solve a different problem.&nbsp; A little more kindness and a little less snark would be in order.<br />
As a locksmith, I can tell you plastic blanks are old hat-we used to sell them but getting them to work is iffy at best.<br />
&nbsp;he didnt make this for a go 2 walmart and make a key. this shows you how to make a key yourself. ofcourse its not going to be a perm key..
^ Confident smart person ^<br />

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