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When sprouting seeds or rooting clones it's a good idea keep them in a place with warm and humid air(~20-25°C / 68-77 °F). This is where a humidity dome comes in. Putting the seeds or clones in a Jiffy pot or a Rockwool cube and then filling bottom with water will create a humid climate perfect for germination and seed growth.

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Rimwulf2 years ago
I going to show this to my mother she has a green thumb.
Off topic question: what art program did you use to make the instructions?
Lunarius2 years ago
I love this! I'm going to make a few this weekend, I think. I had a heated seed starter but the bed is really flimsy plastic; I could easily fit four or so of these tubs on the heated mat and not have nearly as much worry about the plastic going even more brittle.

For a quicker way to put holes in sturdy or thick plastic, I use an old soldering iron in a well ventilated area. It doesn't take long and it gives even, neat holes that don't have any jagged edges. The little 'rings' of melted plastic will pop off pretty easily, too, when cool. Obviously one needs to be careful with what types of plastic they melt so as to avoid nasty fumes and fire, but it's worked rather well for me thus far.
pudi.dk (author)  Lunarius2 years ago
Great tip with the soldering iron. Glad you found it useful.
Crazy good! What is not to like about duct tape and hot glue? Keep the ibles coming, Please. I have one ible, do not know why it does not show?
Well I can see your vanilla extract 'ible, so it must be okay.
Very nice Instructable! I use a throw away cake carrier as well (among other things) but your idea seems sturdier and better looking.
snbuch2 years ago
Can you clarify why this step is necessary ? Why the botton of the box need to be black ?
pudi.dk (author)  snbuch2 years ago
Roots are sensitive to light, so to protect developing roots it is painted black. This is mostly necessary if using rock wool cubes or jiffy pots, but if using grow pots this wouldn't be necessary.
PeteD31bgn2 years ago
This is exactly what Im looking for, I live in a condo and can not put a green house on the patio. I can start my seedlings for my potted plants well before planting season and I can make as many or as few as I need.
KOJohnson2 years ago
Gosh. I just use a leftover cake dome from the grocery store. It has a black bottom and of course the clear lid is more than tall enough to accommodate pots and sprouts. Plus it has channels in the black bottom that hold water, maintaining humidity without oversoaking the pots. Works great!
billbillt2 years ago
Chakazuluu2 years ago
I wonder if the plants will burn or die in Tucson, Az where the temperature can get above 100 degrees...
Orngrimm2 years ago
Cool instructable! May use it for a new run of cactis...

But one question: With what software did you make those nice pictures?
pudi.dk (author)  Orngrimm2 years ago
Thanks, good luck with the cacti!
I used Adobe Flash CS4 for the drawings.
Thanks! They look REALLY good and somehow better than fotos because of the clearness and simplicity.
Unfortunately i dont have Ad.Flash :(
Bobey2 years ago
I've done that
shiondooko2 years ago
Very nice! I'll try it!
I love this instructable... I've been looking for something like this for my new seedlings I bought from a gardening expo! This is perfect! Thanks so much for sharing! My vote goes to you for the green design contest!
Kirin :D
pudi.dk (author)  kirinwantsaskateboard2 years ago
Thank you! :)
dana-dxb2 years ago
good job don the voting
antennas2 years ago
Great idea!!