I was both interested by the way a capacitive display works, and amazed by the prices some manufacturers ask for an iPad stylus.
I really told myself :"Something that simple should not cost that much!!"
I was in the look of something soft and conductive until i came upon these conductive foam bits you find in computers.
Thanks to the long body, this stylus really feels like a paintbrush and i really enjoy doodling with it and the " 53 " app!

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need.

You are going to be needing :
- conductive foams
- Bamboo chopsticks from your last takeout meal.
- Threaded copper wire
- Crazy glue

Step 2: The Tip!

Cut a piece of foam to the size of the tip of the chopsticks.
fold it a little and glue it to the tip.

Step 3: Wiring!

The bamboo is not conductive. If you try the sylus right now it will not work unless you touch the tip's foam.
We need to connect you to the foam : take a copper wire's thread and secure the base of the foam.
Next : wrap the wire around the stylus body.
Finish by securing the wire with a piece of clear tape (i am currently thinking about a nicer way to end...)

You are done!
If you need a good pointed stylus the skinniest I've seen use a crochet needle. That's what I've used for very meticulous things.
Make an instructable on where in the comp to find the phone please
You will find the foams in any old imac or macbook pro, i found mine in a broken 2009 iMac
<p>any other places to find the conductive foam? i checked a couple electronic parts shipments and that material was not conductive, all aapple stuff i have is still working</p>
made it, love it! perfect for left handed tablet artists! lol!
I am really glad you made it! It's so hard to find ambidextrous stylus these days :D
I did this video a couple of years ago: <br> <br><iframe frameborder="0" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/_y9vrSShEIs" width="420"></iframe> <br>

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