Introduction: DIY IPad Stylus!

I was both interested by the way a capacitive display works, and amazed by the prices some manufacturers ask for an iPad stylus.
I really told myself :"Something that simple should not cost that much!!"
I was in the look of something soft and conductive until i came upon these conductive foam bits you find in computers.
Thanks to the long body, this stylus really feels like a paintbrush and i really enjoy doodling with it and the " 53 " app!

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need.

You are going to be needing :
- conductive foams
- Bamboo chopsticks from your last takeout meal.
- Threaded copper wire
- Crazy glue

Step 2: The Tip!

Cut a piece of foam to the size of the tip of the chopsticks.
fold it a little and glue it to the tip.

Step 3: Wiring!

The bamboo is not conductive. If you try the sylus right now it will not work unless you touch the tip's foam.
We need to connect you to the foam : take a copper wire's thread and secure the base of the foam.
Next : wrap the wire around the stylus body.
Finish by securing the wire with a piece of clear tape (i am currently thinking about a nicer way to end...)

You are done!


eliz.ponce1 (author)2016-04-12

If you need a good pointed stylus the skinniest I've seen use a crochet needle. That's what I've used for very meticulous things.

jamieinvents (author)2012-07-25

Make an instructable on where in the comp to find the phone please

hixair (author)jamieinvents2012-07-25

You will find the foams in any old imac or macbook pro, i found mine in a broken 2009 iMac

escapefromyonkers (author)hixair2014-05-09

any other places to find the conductive foam? i checked a couple electronic parts shipments and that material was not conductive, all aapple stuff i have is still working

anguevuberwald (author)2014-01-28

made it, love it! perfect for left handed tablet artists! lol!

hixair (author)anguevuberwald2014-01-28

I am really glad you made it! It's so hard to find ambidextrous stylus these days :D

hermanwahsletn (author)2012-07-29

I did this video a couple of years ago: